New Ipswich: Petition protests business district

NEW IPSWICH — A proposed zoning ordinance put forward by petition that would allow commercial enterprises downtown will now have to gain two-thirds support from voters if it is to pass, after a group of landowners submitted a protesting petition against the article. The proposed zoning amendment sets … 0

Rindge: One-alarm fire nearly takes down garage

RINDGE — A one-alarm fire broke out Monday evening at a Candlelight Road garage. Damage to the garage was minimal because of the quick reaction time of the homeowner, who cut his wall open with a circular saw to gain access to the fire. Rindge Fire Chief Rick … 0

Rindge: Officer Tom Horne returning to force

RINDGE — After serving for over a year at the New Ipswich Police Department, Police Officer Thomas Horne is returning to Rindge, where he got his start in law enforcement. Originally leaving for a full-time position in New Ipswich on December 31, 2013, Horne will be returning to … 0

Peterborough: Parking lot plan goes to public

PETERBOROUGH — Town officials presented a plan in public hearings Tuesday night to use Downtown TIF District funds to pay for costs associated with a new parking lot off Grove Street, including purchasing a downtown lot for the … 0

Peterborough: Net budget proposal up 2.3 percent at $4,878,717

PETERBOROUGH — The Budget Committee and Select Board presented the proposed operating budget to the public on Tuesday, showing an increase of 2.3 percent in the proposed net budget from last year to this year. According to the … 0

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First settlers: A family affair
Thursday, September 18, 2014
Which basketball team has the best shot of winning the state championship this season?