Rindge: PD investigates hate crimes

RINDGE — Police are investigating anti-Semitic graffiti at two properties on Lake Contoocook, one a home up for sale, and the other an unoccupied summer property. Properties on Blakeville Road and Hemlock Avenue were vandalized, and Rindge police … 0

Rindge: Interim official looks to future

RINDGE — Interim Town Administrator Jane Pitt hopes to lose one of the words in her title: interim. Pitt, whose contract runs out at the end of the year, approached the Select Board Wednesday, asking for a consensus as to whether she will remain in the post. “I’ve … 0

Rindge: Town: No to KM surveying

RINDGE — Town officials agreed to deny Kinder Morgan and its affiliates permission to survey any town-owned land. The Select Board Wednesday voted to send letters to Kinder Morgan, the Houston-based energy company proposing the Northeast Energy Direct … 0

Rindge: Trust fund restrictions targeted

RINDGE — The Select Board testified at a Senate hearing April 14, hoping to loosen restrictions on the town’s Electric Trust Fund, a fund that has more than $1 million that could go toward capital improvement projects. The fund now requires more than half of the town’s voting … 0

Peterborough: Home builder pulls application

PETERBOROUGH — After the Zoning Board of Adjustment failed twice to seat a full board, they managed to field one Wednesday. The home builder, however, pulled his application anyway. Thomas Rosswaag, owner of Native Construction LLC, had applied to build a cabana along the Contoocook River. Rosswaag, who … 0

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First settlers: A family affair
Thursday, September 18, 2014