Thursday, March 16, 2017
PETERBOROUGH Fire museum film,discussion at PCT

The GREAT MUSEUMS documentary “Trial by Fire: The New York City Fire Museum” will be shown at Peterborough Community Theatre on Monday, March 27, at 6:30 p.m., followed by a post-screening discussion with Chief Ed Walker of Peterborough Fire & Rescue, who will be showcasing firefighting memorabilia from the Aquarius No. 1 Fire Museum.

The New York City Fire Museum is housed in a 1904 firehouse — the former home of Engine 30. This museum and documentary chronicle the history of firefighting from colonial times to the present. The museum features horse and hand-drawn fire carriages, fire buckets and parade hats and modern day equipment. Firefighters — many of whom were involved in the World Trade Center tragedy — serve as the museum’s volunteers.

“This is the first of four documentaries from GREAT MUSEUMS we’ll be featuring this spring,” remarked theatre owner, Carol Nelson. “When we screened GREAT MUSEUMS’ documentary about the NYC High Line last year, it did so incredibly well, we decided to show more films like it this year.”

The line-up for this spring also includes “Wonderland of Science: The Franklin Institute” on Monday, April 10, featuring guest speakers Tyler Ward and Roy Schlieben of MAxT Makerspace; “Volumes to Speak: The Library of Congress” on Monday, April 17 featuring guest speaker Corinne Chronopolous, Library Director, Peterborough Town Library; and “The Great Museums of Havana, Cuba” on Monday, May 22 featuring guest speakers Phil and Cathie Runyon.

All four screenings begin at 6:30pm with tickets costing $9.00 per person, per show. Tickets can be purchased at the concession counter the night of the event.