Peterborough’s new residents mingle at meet-and-greet

  • Stella Zimmer, of Peterborough, uses gel pens during a New Resident Meet and Greet Friday, March 4. Stella, and her family, moved back to Peterborough last year after residing in Guatemala where her mom was working. (Abby Kessler/ Monadnock Ledger-Transcript) Abby Kessler—Monadnock Ledger-Transcript

  • Craig Nankervis, Danis Collett, and Connie Smith, talk during a New Resident Meet and Greet in Peterborough on Friday. Nankervis moved to Peterborough from Chicago, where he resided for nearly two decades. STAFF PHOT BY Abby Kessler

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript
Monday, March 06, 2017

The Peterborough Welcome Team hosted a meet-and-greet Friday night, an event aimed at welcoming new residents to the area.

All residents, new and old, were invited to the event that is put on quarterly by the welcome team. The team, which was formed last summer after a community conversation about how to make Peterborough more welcoming, hosted its first meet-and-greet in November. 

“You could live here a long time and not meet people, because of the Yankee way of respecting people’s privacy,” said co-founder Karen Hatcher in a previous interview with the Ledger-Transcript.

Craig Nankervis, Danis Collett, and Connie Smith, chatted in a small group as the event rolled to an end on Friday.

Nankervis said he recently moved to the area from Chicago, where he had lived for nearly two decades, uprooting his life to be closer to Collett. He has only been in the area for about three weeks and said it’s still too early to tell what he likes and doesn’t about his new surroundings.

Initial observations include that transportation is a big change from the city, citing that in the city it’s easy to hop on public transit while in New Hampshire you need a car and generally have to commute long distances.

“That has been a big adjustment already,” Nankervis said.

He said it’s also going to be more of a challenge to scope out cultural outings whereas in the city entertainment is not hard to come by.

One thing the two places have in common is the temperature, which both have the tendency to be cold.

He said he realizes it’s going to be a challenge to adapt, but that he’s optimistic about the future.

The welcome team also hands out baskets filled with gifts and offers from more than 30 local businesses, which are available to residents who have moved into town within the last year. Those who are interested can fill out a request card at the town library, Town House, or online.