Monday, March 06, 2017
Take in a Canadian

To the editor:

About one million illegal immigrants make their way into America every year. I would like to invite each and every one of them to settle in Peterborough, New Hampshire, where some of the current residents would like their community to become a “sanctuary town.”

I lived in Peterborough for many years as a legal alien, spending thousands of dollars on fees for a lawyer, employment authorization, a green card, citizenship, three sets of fingerprints, and a passport. I became an American citizen five years ago and I am proud of having gone through the process by the book. I am also proud of contributing to this community as a health care worker servicing many people who live in Peterborough.

So, why elicit a municipal law that violates federal congressional law simply because we don’t like the new guy enforcing that law? I may be new to this but this seems very un-American. If you don’t like the American way, please move to Canada. I have lived there. I moved here. I’m not going back. And if you move there, you might find out why I choose to stay here.

If these residents succeed and I find out that there is someone living in Peterborough who has entered America illegally, violated the terms of legal entry, or overstayed their visa, I will sue the town for every cent I spent becoming a citizen of this country. If you believe that promulgation then you are probably the type who will label me a deplorable, xenophobe, racist Nazi and may be concerned about my dangerous thoughts. After all, I grew up in Canada and may have played hockey against a Russian.

To put you at ease, I will drop the suit if the dissenters promise to deport two illegal aliens for each one of the 75,000 Canadians they can shelter who live in the U.S. illegally. Take in a Canadian and make America great again.

Brian Drummond