Thank-You Letter: Jaffrey Fourth celebration was a festive, patriotic occasion

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

To the editor, The 17th annual Fourth of July reading of the Declaration of Independence at the Jaffrey Meetinghouse was a festive and patriotic occasion enjoyed by all.  Thanks to all those who participated: Welcome: Bruce Hill, Jaffrey Historical Society.

Presentation of the Declaration: Raymond Dolan and Helen Wagner.

Readers of the Declaration (in order of appearance): Marc Tieger, Juliet Wagner, Mike Redmond, Garrett Maki, Don Upton, Regina Vorce, Owen Houghton, Ken Campbell, Bill Raymond, Gambrill Wagner, Charlie Turcotte, Marilyn Simons, Don MacIsaac, Ellen Avery, Peter Davis, Elisha Dupuis, Deborah Thurber, Maggie Rivard, Susan Emerson, Carol Hess, Dennis Wright, David Jeffries, Mel Berger, Alex Cummings, Franklin Sterling, Bill Oswalt, Shayna Appel, Peachie Chalke, Bruce Hill, Susan Shaw-Sarles, Jon Frederick, Bob Schaumann, Karen Ayres, Sean Driscoll, Jim Weimann, Shirley Mahoney, Cindy Weimann, Carolyn Edwards and Millie Vigneault.

Reader coordination: Caroline and Clay Hollister.

Piano: Louise Watson.

Leading us in “Yankee Doodle”: Bill Raymond.

Bell ringing: Harrison Wagner.

Flowers: Claire Bean, Nancy Belletete, Jane Cunningham and others.

Handouts: Rob Stephenson.

Sound system: Sean Driscoll.

Little Red Schoolhouse: Jacqueline Johnson.

Seagrave Fire Engine: Bill Driscoll.

Ice cream: Janet Grant, Pam Hill, Gunilla Johanson, Patty Scholl.

Robert Stephenson

and co-sponsors Jaffrey Historical Society, Jaffrey Center Village Improvement Society, Jaffrey Historic District Commission, Selectmen's Meetinghouse Committee