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Stress-free wedding tips

As little girls we dreamt about fairy-tale weddings, with our knights in shining armor arriving on a white horse, sweeping us off into the sunset.

If only it was that easy!

Planning the big day can be very stressful. Particularly in the last three months before the wedding. Final decisions to be made, planning the seating list, calling the bridal shop about the gown, talking to the caterer, etc. All this on top off the regular stress of working and home life.

Here are five things you can do to keep things a little less stressful in the days leading up to the wedding date:

Stay organized. Yes, keeping a list and checking it twice, works for brides, too. Simplify your goals, prioritize, and cut things that should not be on the list.

Ask for help. If you can, try to take your friend’s offer to help. Have others take on some tasks that are easy to delegate, such as writing envelops, making favors, entering the guests’ names into your computer, etc.

Take care of yourself. It is easy to keep on keeping on. Try to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Pencil in some time for yourself where you can be alone, do some stretching or gentle yoga.

Take care of your body by feeding it the right things. Stay away from things that do not nourish your body, such as sugars, white flour, prepared and baked foods as well as heavy, fatty dishes. Think salads, whole grains, fruits and yogurt. A fresh, light and balanced meal three to five times a day, will give you energy and help you stay focused.

Prepare your skin. Beautiful glow and brides go hand in hand. Facial treatments will help clear up blemishes, and prepare the skin to be smooth and flawless for your special day and your photos.

This is your day. Even without fretting over the minute details, it will be special.

Enjoy the planning, stay focused, and the sunset will be there for you.

Ellen Smith is the owner of European Esthetics and VitalWellnessWithin in Peterborough. She is a licensed esthetician and certified holistic health coach.

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