Medicaid expansion makes financial sense

As a newly elected state legislator, I soon realized that many of my colleagues could not project long-term goals. Many in the Legislature seem unwilling to address basic issues to make New Hampshire and, specifically, the Monadnock region viable in the future.

This past year, there have been those elected officials who felt that it was wise to leave several hundred million dollars on the table by rejecting Medicaid expansion in New Hampshire. This was not a good business decision.

Prior to my being elected a state representative, I managed a small company for 27 years and found that, in order to grow and be financially sound, you had to spend money to make money. You cannot grow a business/or a state’s economy by always cutting back on employees and infrastructure, and providing no plan for growth.

The Business and Industry Association, not known as a left-leaning group, has strongly supported the Democratic majority in the N.H. House to expand Medicaid. This one program alone would help to create jobs in the health industry, provide health care for many families in our area and bring in much needed money from Washington. It should be noted that New Hampshire is considered a donor state — we send more money to the federal government than we get in return. It makes sense to get some of our millions of dollars back.

I can tell you from practical experience that in visiting well over 1,000 families in my 10-town district, I did not see yachts or evidence of affluence. But rather, met people who were trying to make ends meet and provide a good life for their families. At the end of the month, many have nothing left to pay for health-care costs.

Medicaid expansion serves both long- and short-term goals. Additionally, as a member of the Democratic Economic and Business Caucus, I am committed to developing both long- and short-term strategies and programs to advance economic prosperity in our area in order to increase good paying jobs.

Rep. Richard McNamara (D-Hillsborough) represents District 38, including Hillsborough, Windsor, Antrim, Hancock, Greenfield, Bennington, Francestown, Lyndeborough, Wilton and Greenville.

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