Lifelong entrepreneur sells local start-up 2Toms

Company that got its start in the Monadnock region making products for athletes worldwide now based in Texas

2Toms, a company started in Dublin that championed products like “BlisterShield” and “ButtShield,” was recently sold by Tom Judd, a 70-year-old entrepreneur who lives in Hancock. The former co-owner of 2Toms handed the business over to Medi-Dyne, a group that sells medical products for athletes out of Texas.

2Toms began when Tom Lewis, an avid hiker and extreme athlete with a Ph.D in surface chemistry from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, found a way to sooth his hiking aches and pains. Lewis, who lived in Keene at the time, developed the early version of 2Toms’ first product “BlisterShield,” a slippery powder that helps alleviate blisters and other pain common to hikers and marathon runners.

A mutual friend then introduced Lewis to Judd, and the two started up 2Toms in 2002. 2Toms was based out of Dublin, making the products in Peterborough and selling them to retailers across the country.

Since 2Toms began, Judd and Lewis came up with additional products to help athletes, including a liquid anti-chafing roll-on called “SportsShield,” an anti-rash liquid roll-on called “ButtShield,” and an odor-eliminating spray called “StinkFree.” As of October, the business selling these products now belongs to Medi-Dyne.

Judd spoke with the Ledger-Transcript several days after the transaction, saying that 2Toms was not his first company to sell, nor will it be his last. “I’ve sold five different businesses,” Judd said in an Oct. 21 phone interview.

One of those businesses, a computer accessory company called Curtis Manufacturing that Judd began in 1982, sold for $20 million in 1988. Curtis Manufacturing is still operating in Jaffrey.

Business, according to Judd, has been part of his life almost since he was born. “I’ve had businesses since I was 7 years old,” he said, adding that he used to cart around and sell sodas at fairs when he was about 10 years old.

Judd has always been and continues to be on the lookout for opportunities to sell things, searching for no specific type of product other than something that costs little and can be sold worldwide.

“Ideally, I would look at 50 new ventures in the next few weeks,” he said. For now, Judd is feeling out a company that provides services through the Internet and telephone.

At 70 years old, one would figure that retirement would be on the horizon, but not for Judd. “I love business — it’s the juice of life for me,” he said. “I’ll retire when I die.”

If you are interested in learning more about 2Toms and the company’s products, visit www.2toms.com.

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