We’re blinded to our money woes

To the editor:

Kudos to William Chevalier for his New Years Eve article “Economic Impacts of the Declining Dollar.” While I share his pessimism on the prospects for an actual return to sanity in the management of the nation’s finances, I don’t agree that “there isn’t much that can be done.”

We have evolved a ruling elite that is stealing us blind. They have very effectively “divided and conquered” the American public. You can see it in almost every edition of this letters column and on radio and television. We are at each others throats. Collectively, this elite consists of the two primary political parties. They have usurped our federal Constitution in a gradual process while we slumbered.

History is replete with examples of governments counterfeiting their nations’ currencies, resulting in ruin. Whether printed by a common criminal or a government bureaucrat, printing new money takes wealth from one person or group, through stealth, and transfers it to another. Today, politicians call it “quantitative easing” to make the public think it is somehow complicated and beyond them but all it really is is theft. Theft is not a rational, reasonable or sustainable means of encouraging economic activity. That’s not why they do it. They do it for “me.”

Many may regard the framers of our Constitution as antiquated in their knowledge and thinking compared with 21st century wisdom and experience. Yet, those framers were students of history. They were familiar with past consequences of government debasement of currencies, such as is about to befall us, and took steps to prevent it. The Constitution is clear, particularly in light of the record of the debates at the Constitutional convention: the federal government has no authority to print money.

We could enforce the constitutional proscriptions against paper money and save the nation. Will we?

Ross Wilkinson


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