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Dispatches from the Glass Museum

You can find the whole world right outside your door

‘Dispatches From the Glass Museum’ shares stories about upcoming Thing in the Spring performers

I wrote for this paper years back, and after a long road of reconciliation between myself and my editor, I’m happy to say that I’m back. Some of you may know him. He’s a friendly fellow, but below that exterior of sports statistics and enthusiasm lays a dark pit of deadlines and archaic word choice. I’ve got a great outside shot, but I refused to join the paper’s intramural team, and I’m afraid I’ll never get on his good side again. So be it. Contracts are in place, and so I must write, and he’ll have to print it, but the silent struggle remains; I’ll just have to hope that he doesn’t sneak in any swing-era slang. (Editor’s note: Twenty-three skidoo!)

In the past I had written about wild goings-on in the Monadnock region, and since then, I began my own foray into mass organization with the curation of The Thing in the Spring, an exercise in concert arrangement and general shenanigans. Over the past twenty years of my life, I’ve been lucky enough to make the acquaintance of, rub elbows with, and become confused by a number of musical luminaries. Now I make it my business to bring them into downtown Peterborough. I focused, before, on recanting to you readers, tales of the past; concerts heard, drives taken, long nights, and hard mornings. But now I want to give you context. I want to provide you with a map and key, and bring the treasure right to your door, just so you can see how it got here, and from whence it came.

At this point in the increasingly abstract modern history of life, we can have whatever we want. This is a literal statement. One hundred years ago, your brain lived within the borders of your town, for the most part, and besides imagination, that is where it would stay, without monumental aid. Nowadays, geographical, and financial, limitations are obsolete. Drive into the ocean on this very day! Wake up in the middle of the night and have any kind of sandwich your heart desires! Get a credit card, quit your job, drive your life into the ground in Aruba! Of course there is a price to taking some of those roads. It’s the same with music; you can hear whatever you want at the drop of a hat. We are connected to all of the information in the universe; the iPhone is the external hard drive to the brain. But folks, there is certainly a price.

Attention spans are suffering. People want what they want, and they want it now. Even the most discerning aesthete can feel the effects of the technology changing our landscape. I’m not telling you to be a luddite, or decrying the touchscreen set; I’m not blaming the kids. I’m suggesting a remedy. Slow down, listen, and try some good old-fashioned, hands-on, interaction. Over the next few months, I’m going to tell you stories about some of the bands that will be traveling to Peterborough June 5-8 to play at The Thing in the Spring. I hope it will remind you that the world the Internet connects you to can sometimes be found right outside of your door.

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