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We should write our own laws

To the editor:

As children, some important early socialization includes learning sportsmanship.

“It isn’t whether you win or lose, but how you play the game” we heard.  

It is possible to hear something many times, but if you are the sort that denies the simple truth that we all share in maintaining a civil society, you might think the rules don’t apply to you.

All are equal under the law? As George Orwell put it, “Some people are more equal than others.”

Children on a playground can pick out the bullies in under a minute by their swaggering territorial behavior.

A grown bully tends to gravitate toward position where he can push people around more or less within the law, whether using guns, muscle and threats, or money, influence and lawyers.

The Bill of Rights and the Constitution protect our rights and freedom.  I am grateful for the foundation that makes this country what it is, and I believe it is every person’s duty to see that it doesn’t wind up coated with newspeak.

When a corporation comes to town with a pile of promises you’d need a backhoe to shift, more money than anyone has seen in their life and having been turned away by the legal process of the State of NH two times already; how do we accept these people coming back around having rewritten the town’s zoning so they can do as they planned without interference?

This is neither fair, nor square.

We have a Planning Board in Antrim. We can write our own zoning ordinances. We don’t need some corporate front man doing it for us.

Please vote against amendment #5 on March 11. It’s our town.

Katharine Sullivan


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