Faulty logic on solar array issue

To the editor:

I wasn’t going to say anymore about the solar system controversy, stemming from the news of Peterborough’s future solar array to be built on former lagoon land. Mr. Ross Wilkinson did admit that the system in question will indeed generate 1,166 megawatt hours of power. We all agree on that, including Mr. Blake.

I think this number can stand on its own. Taking the number of hours in a year, 24 times 365 adjusted for leap year, the number is 8,766. Fine, but to then to extrapolate this as “.133 megawatts” is nonsense.

I and other readers seem to be missing Mr. Wilkinson’s point entirely. If the system generates 1,166 megawatt-hours per year, what is the point of applying 24 hours times the days in a year to that number?

You are correct, Mr. Blake and I are not mechanical engineers, but in my case, I am a retired analytical engineer with 35 years of experience in electronic and chemical engineering. I think I recognize faulty logic when I see it.

Alan Zeller

West Peterborough

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