Use sidewalks, for pedestrian safety

To the editor:

In response to the article in the March 13 paper about safety for pedestrians, bicyclists and children along Union Street: Walkers, whether two or a group, frequently walk one or more than one on the sidewalk and the other or others in the street. They are walking in the traffic space. This happens with youngsters with bicycles or scooters/skateboards and grown-up joggers, too.

As for three-foot shoulders on each side of the street for bicyclists, why not share one side of the street and pass like pedestrians should pass? This is not a high speed bicycle route, either.

Speed bumps to slow vehicles? Look at West Peterborough’s speed bumps. Drivers do not slow down or they gun their vehicles to “sail” over the speed bumps. It has been an incentive to go faster instead of calming driving. Means to slow drivers has to be something other than West Peterborough’s speed bumps.

As for safety of those on the sidewalks, they would be a lot safer if they were actually using the sidewalks.

From the proposed expenditure to the ones that did not pass: In the ConVal budget we had the ConVal parking lot, the high school track and SMS exit road from the back parking lot expenditure requests all in the same year’s budget. What was the school administration thinking? We’re still climbing out of the recession and our residents are not in an ideal economic climate to pay for the administration’s bucket list. Spread out the requests for expenditures; one doesn’t do three expensive home improvements at the same time; unless it is an absolute necessity they get spread out because of financial restraints. Next year I hope the administration will prioritize and ask for an expenditure without asking for everything at once.

Kath Allen


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