Missing the point about corporations

To the editor:

In the March 25 Ledger-Transcript Viewpoint about Citizens United, Bob DeMaura makes a good pitch regarding the rights of corporations. However he misses the critical point that Average Joe Citizens’ rights to fair representation have been trashed by all the big money, and thus big political power, now being unleashed by corporate America and the super rich.

As I watch all the Republican presidential hopefuls marching off to an uber-rich casino owner’s court in Las Vegas, I wonder if my little campaign contributions or letter writing to Congress people matters.

It reminds of that childhood game of marbles. Why now even think about going to the playground if both reality and the perception of reality tell you someone else has all the marbles.

Think about it. If I send $50 to a Congress person’s campaign and XYZ donates hundreds of thousands of dollars directly and/or through various super PACs, who do you think she or he really pays attention to? If XYZ corporation wines and dines his or her staff with a parade of lobbyists, how is the average citizen’s voice ever heard? How does the average person now hoe through all the lies and fear-mongering promoted in the media by various PACs — whose rich donors remain hidden — about Obamacare, Scott Brown moving to town or whatever?

For me, Citizens United is a gross mistake that threatens the core of our democracy. The Founding Fathers would agree.

Mike Beebe


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