Call to attend the hearing on Rindge’s Master Plan

About the meeting tonight, April Fool’s Day, in Rindge: It’s really not a joke.  There’s an important meeting in Rindge tonight.  And I am putting out a plea for people to attend it. It’s a public hearing on whether to remove the Charrette from the Master Plan.

I think if we are going to kill the work product of volunteers and employees paid by tax dollars, we should have an audience of people who understand they are witnessing the rewriting of history. Will we be removing books from the library next?

We are also told that we can’t be communicating with Regional Planning Commissions because they are unelected bureaucrats who are pawns of our Federal government. That’s like saying you should only get surgery performed by a politician. Of course they’re not elected! Do you think that’s what engineers and scientists are trained for, to push a political agenda?

So, okay, I think free speech trumps any “will” of the people. Laws and rules that get passed to abridge free speech are bad laws and rules.

If I have to stand alone, I plan to challenge the right of the people to throw out our work, remove the things we described about “our vision” of Rindge’s future, or keep us from talking to recognized experts on the many aspects of planning and conservation. If someone else wants to speak, I am happy to yield, but at least people should come to witness the death of free speech in Rindge. 

I never campaigned for or against the zoning ordinances.  I have always felt people had a perfect right to object to and vote down zoning changes.  But what happened this year was something different altogether.  I have shared the kind of emails and comments I’ve gotten from Save Our Town, a resident-formed committee, with my friends and family.  I’ve described their attack on a Planning Board alternate —I anticipate similar attacks on me. 

My loving family has begged me to back off and give it up before I get hurt.  So, this is my last public stand.  I also tip my hat to Roberta Oeser with whom I often disagree, but respect her dedication, intelligence and courage.  She stood up several times against a mob pushing lies and propaganda.  She has been very level-headed and brave. Everything that was done with the Charrette was done lawfully and with full openness and invitation to the public to participate.

People who chose not to participate now want to tear up everything that was done and not allow us to talk about the future at all. They have already announced that they will be ready to kill any future plans. Great.  Wear black or black armbands. Put tape over your mouth.  Tonight at 7 p.m. at the Town Offices. Get there early and dress in mourning. We are witnessing a death. I hope I won’t be alone.


Pat Martin lives in Rindge.

Legacy Comments1

Wow! And this is the type of person we have volunteering for our town? Kind of out there, wouldnt you agree? Ms. Martin talks about losing her freedom of speech as if it was her that sits on the Planning Board or the Select Board. Neither have lost their free speech. By trying to convince the Planning Board tonight to go against the vote of the people is more of a violation of peoples rights than anything she has mentioned in her rants. Ms. Martin also sounds as if she knows what is right for Rindge, and the voters "will" shall be overlooked according to her progressive, liberal agendas. Well guess what Ms. Martin. Many more people do not want the charrette than ever wanted it. The towns people have been heard loud and clear. 1086 to 321 to remove it. That is a pretty sound margin. Stop whining and get over it. The tides are turning.

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