Why is town spending more?

To the editor:

Must be nice! In today’s economically stressed times, the town of Francestown has decided, for no obvious reason, to spend in excess of $14,000 more than needed to maintain their cemeteries as part of a three-year contract. That’s almost 35 percent more than the lowest bidder! And the lowest bidding company also has an hourly rate that is 20 percent lower than the bid that Francestown accepted. Having received bids from four local companies, they chose not to go with the lowest bidder, even though that company has a meticulous, unblemished record of doing top quality work for over 30 years right here in the Peterborough area. And that company has employees who have been working for them for more than seven years on average. That’s a long time in the landscape service industry.

As a matter of fact, the company they chose, according to the State of New Hampshire’s website, has only been in business for three years. And Francestown made a big deal about only accepting bids from companies that have employees with lots of experience.

While this information is public knowledge, I wonder how many residents are aware of it and if they approve? It seems somebody is making financial decisions based upon something other than what’s best for the town’s finances. How many other financial decisions are being made this way? If Francestown has $14,000 to waste, maybe they should pay more towards our out-of-control school budget! Or donate it to charity.

Bradford Banks


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