Vote No on Article 2, amendment B

To the editor:

On Tuesday, May 13, Peterborough residents will be asked to vote on the ballot article portion of the 2014 Town Meeting. Of particular importance is the zoning amendments portion of the ballot, specifically Article 2, zoning amendment B, “to create a new section in the Zoning Ordinance # 245-15.3, Traditional Neighborhood Overlay Zone.” The intention seems to be to encourage “infill” construction of buildings in the center of town.

This amendment would make a controversial change and allow a building to be built as close as 10 feet to the side property lines of adjacent properties in some areas of the General Residence or Family Districts.

The negative effects of the increased vehicular traffic, resultant pollution, and required paving for parking, which could impact the flood zone, to allow for the potentially 400 more vehicles for the estimated 200 more residences does not appear to have been thoroughly thought through. This amendment, if passed, could also conceivably lower the property values of the affected homes.

If you wouldn’t mind having a building placed within 10 feet of your side property line, you might vote for Article 2, Amendment B. I, and many more residents, would not like to have a building built within 10 feet of our side property lines, so I will be voting No on Article 2, Zoning Amendment B, and I would encourage everyone else to do the same.

Thank you for considering my opinion.

Andrew Dunbar


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