Legally, personnel matters off limits

To the editor:

This letter is directed at those who feel that the Mascenic School District, specifically the School Board and superintendent, are not being transparent. If you educate yourselves on the laws that govern what a school board or superintendent, or any employer for that matter, can say regarding personnel issues, you would be glad that there has not been a comment made about certain employees not having their contracts renewed. You see, if something indeed was said, even for your battlecry for “transparency,” the school district, and ultimately the tax payers, would be held liable for those statements.

As the article in last Thursday’s edition mentioned, one of the non-renewed employees has already obtained legal counsel. Based upon that fact, it would be reasonable to assume that same individual would bring legal action against the district if these elaborations regarding her leave and ultimate contract non-renewal were made publicly by our School Board or superintendent. Yes, I am sure that transparency regarding these decisions would be helpful for us outsiders to fully understand the situation, but when the law prohibits it, there is no sense in making issue of it other than to stir up trouble for personal posturing. I have read the public audit report that shows gross mishandling of our school district’s finances and I can only make a personal conclusion that this is why certain employees will not have their contracts renewed. I urge you to read the facts on that report and come to your own conclusions.

Rachel Anderson

New Ipswich

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I so agree, well said

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