Paper’s editorial was off the mark

To the editor:

To an editorial written by and published by the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript in print on May 13, I offer this rebuttal: The paper stated, “The outcome of last Tuesday’s ConVal School Board meeting was disappointing,” referencing a vote to table any discussion of school consolidation until 2017. The paper also referenced a figure of 58 percent of voters who voted yes to giving the School Board the authority to put a consolidation plan together for the district to review.

I would like to remind the paper that not only did this item fail to pass, as it required a two-thirds vote, meaning 66.66 percent to pass, but so did the hijacked attempt by Mr. Fernald and Ms. Cromwell — two private citizens who allegedly barely obtained the 25 signatures necessary to get a petition warrant on the ballot — to close the handpicked school of their own private choice, Great Brook School serving four towns and nearly 300 students. Remember by a huge majority, the voters by nearly 68 percent, voted NO to Mr. Fernald and Ms. Cromwell’s alleged hijack attempt, despite the alleged huge amount of money they dumped into the equivalent of an alleged private PR campaign to allegedly take over the school district.

What the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript should finally realize is that what you are experiencing now is an overwhelming backlash to what these two individuals allegedly tried to do as well as citizens, those with kids attending the schools and those without, who are plain sick and tired of another endless district study committee who they see as attempting to hijack and steal something away from them, all just to save a drop in the bucket.

It is not only about peoples taxes and school budgets, but really about high-quality education citizens are now feeling. The Monadnock Ledger-Transcript might as well get off their “high horse” and stick a sock in it and give the voters and communities a nice long rest until 2017 to get over the damage done by those who tried to allegedly take over the school district during the vote of March 2013. They all know who they are, and the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript should not defend or be a party to those individuals anymore by spewing the same line under the paper’s header.

Pete Burwen


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