The hidden cost of higher education

To the editor:

A college education does not necessarily make one intelligent or wise, nor does it instill common sense. Being led by the nose to another’s ideas and thoughts, and then regurgitating and parroting said rhetoric is not enlightened, thoughtful or even interesting.

Independent lucid thought free from outside coercion is a novel idea that many may want to pick up and try out in college.

It is sad indeed that so many college graduates seem content to become human digital recorders, simply spewing out someone else’s ideas, rather than digesting data and making decisions based on the thoughtful analysis of that data.

Too many young men and women attend college where they become educated idiots at their parent’s expense. They begin to view their professors as God-like creatures and absolutely crave approval from them to the extent that they surrender their individual persona, style and thought processes.

In the end, an overbearing professor becomes the object of pseudo-worship while the parent who picked up the tab for the resulting brainwashing, becomes less admired for retaining and exhibiting their individualism.

It is in the best interest of the country for both student and professor to be cognizant of this potential loss of individualism. Both would be wise to take whatever steps are necessary to assure that individualism is valued and retained throughout the entire higher education process.

We must remember that the goal of higher education should be the acquisition of advanced knowledge for the student, not the custom tailoring of the individual based on a pattern preferred by the educator.

Robert M. Collinsworth


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