Scott Brown stumps for Senate in Hancock

Republican candidate talks controversies, veterans and taking back the White House in 2016 during campaign stop

  • New Hampshire Senate candidate Scott Brown came to the Hancock library on July 20, voicing his concern for the direction the country is headed.
  • New Hampshire Senate candidate Scott Brown came to the Hancock library on July 20, voicing his concern for the direction the country is headed.
  • New Hampshire Senate candidate Scott Brown came to the Hancock library on July 20, voicing his concern for the direction the country is headed.

HANCOCK — New Hampshire candidate for U.S. Senate Scott Brown (R-Rye) visited the Hancock town library on Sunday, campaigning to oust incumbent Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-Madbury) in a bid to take back the Senate majority for Republicans and eventually the White House as well.

A crowd of about 5o gathered in the Daniels Room for the event, hosted by the Hancock Republican Town Committee.

“Everyone likes to fight about where I’m from,” said Brown regarding the controversy surrounding his choice to run for a seat in the Senate representing New Hampshire, after already having served in Massachusetts from 2010 to 2013. “But I’m fighting about where we are going. I do believe we live in the greatest country in the world. I am running because I am a patriot. I care about New Hampshire and our country.”

Brown, who was born in Kittery, Maine, and grew up in Wakefield, Mass., has owned a vacation home in Rye for over 20 years. In December 2013, he sold his primary residence in Massachusetts and expressed to the Rye town clerk his intention to establish residency and register to vote, allowing him to make a run for the Senate against Shaheen.

“I was enjoying working in the private sector. I would come home and tell my wife, ‘Did you hear what this person said?’ Finally my wife told me to stop complaining and get back involved,” said Brown, who worked for Fox News as an on-air contributor, following his loss to Elizabeth Warren in the 2012 Senate race in Massachusetts.

Prior to his term in the U.S. Senate from 2010 to 2013, Brown served as a member of the Massachusetts General Court, first in the State House of Representatives from 1998 to 2004, and then in the State Senate from 2004 to 2010. Despite his long history working for the residents of a neighboring state, Brown assured Hancock residents he would work with them if elected.

“I don’t know it all, I am a great learner and a great listener. My door is always open,” he said.

Brown took some time to speak on the state of the American economy during his visit to Hancock, something that he believes needs an overhaul.

“Our economy is shrinking. We need to lower the corporate tax rate. It’s hard to start a business with such high tax rates. If you are looking for someone to raise taxes, I’m not your guy.”

Brown threw jabs at his liberal opponent, someone he believes is a key cog in the current Legislature. “Shaheen is Obama’s number one foot soldier. She’s up for re-election, he’s not. There are great people on both sides of every issue. We need leaders who will stand up.”

When Brown opened the floor for questions, Hancock resident Anne Peirce questioned his plans for health care if elected. “People think Obamacare is the only answer to the problem; Obamacare is not the only answer. We have the intelligence in this state to come up with a plan that works for us. Other states have done it,” said Brown,who pointed to MassHealth as an example.

Fellow Hancock resident Joe Cummings informed Brown of his 30-year-old neighbor who served in Iraq and sustained a serious leg injury. “The guy is 30 years old and can’t walk. He needs help, but every VA hospital looks the other way,” Cummings said.

Brown, a retired colonel in the United States Army, was all too familiar will Cummings’ concerns. “How about putting veterans first? There’s no excuse for that. I’d like to get this young man’s number from you, and I will set him up with people that can help him,” said Brown, who also fielded questions regarding women’s rights to serve on the front lines.

“Women should have every opportunity to do or be whatever they want to be. I support women who want to compete to fight on the front lines. Women are just as patriotic as men.”

In closing, Brown made it clear that Republicans have the opportunity to take back the majority in the Senate, something he believes will be done. “If we unite after this primary, we will have a very substantial win. We have an opportunity to take back the Senate, and then we can work towards 2016 and taking back the White House,” said Brown, to a standing ovation.

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