Another take on the solar array

To the editor:

Oh, the poor, poor people of Peterborough. So poor they can’t even afford to flush their own toilets! So it’s understandable that, in their desperation (as this paper reported July 24), they voted to steal, err, I mean “accept,” the money to erect solar panels to power their shiny new sewage treatment plant.

I wish I could have been there to see it but I wasn’t invited. I imagine it a Seussian scene with Alan Zeller whirling his arms (as he did in this column July 17), deftly creating such a vacuum as to suck out all notions of theft from the minds of the voters. “Why, it’s not theft at all you ‘foo’,” they said in a trance, “it’s, it’s, saving the planet and the Snail Darter too!”

So the good people of Wilton will be digging a little deeper into their pockets to send the same money to the utility that the utility will send to the poor farm of Peterborough and, “whoosh,” it’ll be gone. All with the blessing of that good and honorable prophet, Alan Zeller, who assured the voters all that talk of theft is nothing but Wilton-like propaganda. And a little over a year from now the Ledger-Transcript will proudly and gleefully report the production of “three quarts and two shillings over a megawatt” from those panels in the preceding year, “much better than predicted.”

Ross Wilkinson


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