Do your homework and then vote

To the editor:

Well, if you needed any more proof of the GOP’s intentions, you now have it! The House of Representatives just voted to sue the President, with rumors of impeachment. But even if you’re sick of these political games, you’ve got to care about what path this country takes — backwards or forwards. It’s your responsibility to check out those running for office. These November election results will carry more weight than we can currently even imagine. Very scary thought!

For starters, we should be asking for detailed answers to their proposals on: 1) Election reform — big money out of politics; 2) Climate change; 3) Affordable Care Act; 4) Wealthy paying more taxes; 5) Subsidizing oil companies; 6) Cap on Social Security wages; 7) Minimum wage increase; 8) Trans-Pacific Partnership; 9) Keystone XL; and 10) Immigration reform.

It appears that most Republican ads are falsely accusing their opponents and sharing no ideas of their own. Few of the Democrat’s ads appear to counter these lies, but do give us their ideas. However, neither is giving us the whole picture. And consequently, we tire of it all.

The Republican Party, run by the Tea Party, wants much smaller government. This would take us back to the ’40’s with very little government assistance for the needy and no help for the worker in labor disputes, etc. They want Medicare and Social Security privatized — run by (and for) Wall Street; the ACA abolished, leaving everyone on their own to get health insurance; and as “climate change isn’t real, let’s shut down the EPA” — an agency that helps keep our environment balanced and safe.

The GOP has fought everything this administration has proposed (a goal they stated at the onset), so there has been no progress on anything! No job creation, immigration reform, minimum wage increase, climate change plans, etc. And now, they’re suing the President “for acting on his own instead of working with Congress.” Of course, they had no intention of collaborating. This is just one more obstruction in a long list.

Please, please do your homework and plan to vote!!

Marilyn Britton


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