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"The Reeper" by Asa Cubbage, 7, of Peterborough from his illustrated short story by the same name.

"The Reeper" by Asa Cubbage, 7, of Peterborough from his illustrated short story by the same name. Purchase photo reprints at Photo Finder »

Editor’s note: The following submissions were received for the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript’s 2012 Scary Story contest and are published here unedited. The winner of this year’s contest is Sydney Whitehouse of Boynton Middle School in New Ipswich.

Scary Story

By Sydney Whitehouse, 12, of Boynton Middle School in New Ipswich

It was dark, and rather gloomy, as I walked along the damp path, leaving footprints in my trail. I tugged my jacket closer, the rain pattering against my sleeves. I heard a rustle of the leaves, the soft crinkle of an autumn leave stepped on, and the sudden break of a twig- I jumped, stumbling backwards and looking into the woods. From within, a low moan swam out dark and menacing. My legs were cement to me but somehow I got them moving, now sprinting along the path. A shadow loomed behind me, never stopped coming. The night sky had a single round moon giving me some light. What was this thing, and why did it want me? It was a normal day, for me at least, until now? The rain came down harder, like tears of an angel bouncing off my hood. The mud was slick under me, causing me to slip and crash into the puddle. Now soaked, I was shivering like a dog stuck in the rain, quite like my situation now. The shadow continued to loom closer, towering over me as it was near. And just like that, it was gone. My breathing was rapid, my chest heaving up and down. I saw no footprints, no more shadow, just rain. Slowly I stood, shaken and scared, continuing on my way home.

Of course nobody believe me, it was a crazy story. Maybe I made myself believe it, maybe it never happened. Ear buds in place, I sank into my armchair, reading Little House on the Prairie. A slow scrape went down the window, and I whipped my head to it, my ear buds flying to the floor. As I stood, my knees knocked together and I felt nauseas. The window curtains were blown open. Before me, reflected in the window, was a dark ghoulish face. It had no eyes, just dark holes. Its breath fogged the window and retracted, even. I gasped, frozen, unable to scream or even move. This must be a bad dream, I thought. I have to be dreaming, this cannot be real. The face stayed, staring at me with its vacant eyes. The window burst open, and I finally screamed, wind rushing into my room blowing everything around. The creature lifted an icy claw over the pane onto my shirt, hooking me tight. Thrashing, I was pulled away, forever to be gone.


By Oliver Rivard, 9, of Jaffrey Grade School

There once was a blood sucking blob that would suck all your blood from you. The big black blob lived in an underwater house that housed many skeletons. He snuck up every night and sucked blood out of many people.

On Halloween the vampires were wondering why there was shortage of blood to suck. The vampires went top a haunted house and saw the big clack blob sucking the blood out of a witch. They wondered what it was. They fled away, saying we found the thing sucking all our blood. We found a big black blob sucker!

What can we do? He’s going to take all our blood. Let’s gather around my casket top discuss the big problem. Around the casket they grew hungrier for a tasty meal. Fearing they would lose their supply of nice warm blood they became moody. Soon they were at each others throats. (LOL) The oldest vampire said we must try and catch that blob or we’re going to starve. One of the others thought that would be hard to do because he just floated through the air in and out wherever he went.

All of a sudden he floated right into the room where they were gathered.

He moaned Happy Halloween as he floated throughout the room. The vampires grew nervous wondering what the blob was up to. He laughed this eeirre laugh and said I’ll be moving on fellas my trick or treating is finished here. Gappy Halloween.

As quietly as he floated in he went out through a tiny hole in the wall. On to another town to some unsuspecting vampires and nice warm bodies to give them his touch of death by kissing the neck of an unsuspecting person and getting his treat for the night. Sorry vampires you must have been bad this year. No goodies for you. Trick or Treat.

The Reeper

By Asa Xavier Cubbage, 7, of Peterborough

Chapter 1 - Midnight in the Mine

A long time ago thar was a man that lived on a farm.

One day he hiked.

But just then some people shot arrows at him.

He climbed into a mine and a boulder killed him.

Then he was the Reeper for ever and ever.

He was dead.

He made clones by killing people.

One day the Reeper went to a circus and took a tiger back to his mine.

When the Reeper got back, four people were in his mine.

The tiger ate off their heads and smashed their bones.

Chapter 2 - Attack of the City

The Reeper set of to the city.

The Reeper was at the city by sundown.

To Be Continued Next Year..........

The Return of...

The Headless HORSEMAN

By Max Scheinblum, 9, of Dublin

“In the old town of Garsnoff, there was a legend about the Headless Horseman that was always told by Old Cap’n Jones. He used to say that one day the Horseman would come and take revenge on Garsnoff. Every year at Peek into Garsnoff, Cap’n Jones does a play about the Headless Horseman’s revenge on Garsnoff and scares every one away”.

On October 22nd, my friends and I were walking home from school ans we had an idea to catch the Headless Horseman. After all. Cap’n Jones said the Horseman would return on the Halloween of 2012 which was this year. My friends Curtis, Colby, and Toby and I had ware thinking of an idea about how to trap him. Then it hit me, we should go to Cap’n Jones’ house to get more information, but Curtis, Colby, and Toby all thought that it would be scarier to go to Cap’n Jones’ house then to actually capture the Horseman! When we arrived at Cap’n Jones’ house, we rang the doorbell. Then he answered the door and we all were freaked out because he had an eye patch and a hook on his right hand. Then he took us in and made us sit down on his couch and he told us all about the Horseman. At the end, he said that every Halloween the Horseman hides at Kargo’s Kabin but never comes out, but this year he will come out. So we left to go check out Kargo’s Kabin. It was very old and dusty with a lot of old suitcases and newspapers. When we went back home, we all asked our Moms and Dads about Kargo’s Kabin. They said that it was an old warehouse that used to be an old appliance store. I went to bed and dreamed about the Horseman. He attacked me and then killed me.

Halloween finally arrived. I went to school with my were wolf costume. Curtis, Colby, and Toby were all power rangers. After school we went to Kargo’s Kabin. When we entered we looked in all the suitcases for information, but there was none. I suggested that we all split up so I went to the east, Toby to the west, Curtis to the south and Colby to the north. Then I saw him. He had no head and he was wearing dark black cape and had two hands out while he was making a moaning sound as he was running and chasing me. I ran and ran until I found the perfect place to hide. It was behind a couple of old suitcases. Then the horseman passed right by me. I was so scared. Then, when he was out of sight, I got out and tried to find him again. Then I saw him. He was terrorizing Curtis, Colby, and Toby. I came up behind him. Then I saw a zipper. I pulled it down. But I didn’t see a man or a woman. What I did see was The Boogie Man. He chased us until we found a way out of Kargo’s Kabin and he didn’t follow us out. We ran home and went straight to bed. I knew that this is going to be a Halloween I would never forget.

The Soul Sucker

By Sophie Callahan, 10, of Boyton Middle School in New Ipswich

“And they never saw them again.” Prudence Colt finished. Prudence and her four friends, Megan Smith, Laura Tanner, Anna Brown, and Zoe Jones were having a slumber party. “Great story Prudence!” said Anna, sitting up. “Yeah it was awesome!” added Laura. “Cool!” Megan said. “Sure it was ok but I have got one that will really knock your socks off.” Zoe said.

“One night Jetta Clark was on a date with her boyfriend Alex Walter. They were just walking back from a midnight movie they had just seen. Suddenly they heard a scream, a crunch, and a sinister silence. “I’m s-scared Alex.” shivered Jetta, wrapping her coat tighter against her. “It’s okay Jetta, your street is just around the corner, it’ll be okay.” whispered Alex, who wasn’t very brave himself.

“ Zoe was cut off by Megan who said, “Is that supposed to be a scary story? I’d heard three year olds tell spookier stories than that!”

“Just be quiet and let me finish!” replied Zoe. Her eyes looked almost as red as the flashlight she was holding.

“So, anyway Jetta…” Alex began to walk a bit faster. “You lost?” a racey voice said. Jetta sceamed and Alex jumped four feet in the air. A figure in a black, draping cloak was standing on the sidewalk. Jetta and Alex couldn’t even see the man’s face beneath the cloak. “Well I am hungry.” Said the figure. He slowly pulled down his hood and underneath it was a long gaping hole with rotating blades and two deep bloody scabs where eyes should be. Jetta ran and got sucked in by the hole. Alex yelled and got sucked into the hole.” Zoe finished her story.

“What makes you think that’s true?” said Anna. “Yea.” Said Prudence and Megan. “ I don’t know about this.” Zoe transformed into the Soul Sucker and sucked the girls up. Anyone who tells this story will turn into a Soul Sucker.

The End

The Closet!

By Ryan Murray, 12, of Great Brook School in Antrim

One night a boy named Charles woke up and was thirsty. so, he got some water. When he came back into his room he opened his closet. And what he saw was the most terrifying thing you could ever imagine. It was a monstrous demon but not just any monstrous demon. No this monstrous demon was 8 feet tall and looked almost all black except his eyes and teeth were blood red. Charles screamed so loud but nobody could hear him. This is because the demon already killed everybody else. And the demon said to charles your’e next to die. And with those words Charles tried to run out of his room and get outside but the demon use his mind to close the door shut. Now charles knew he was going to die. But the demon waited and hesitated a little bit at the thought of killing Charles. But his final thought was Charles must die. so then he ripped out charles heart and ate it whole. Then the demon went on and killed everybody in town. It was a town masacre that the demon started and ended. But soon after one man that was on vacation got back and he saw the demon killing everyone so he snuck up on the demon and killed it but the demon just turned to goo on the ground. But the monster council came and killed the whole world. The monster council has Dracula, Frankenstein, 3 Mummies and a mutant swamp monster. There are tons of others but they are nameless. When the earth is destroyed the monsters live their lives for eternity. well many years later the monsters repopulated the earth and now earth is all terrifying monsters. The moral of this story is do not look in the closet!!

The House

By Maya Callahan, 8, of Highbridge Hill Elementary School in New Ipswich

Once a pond a time there lived a very old very poor woodcutter. Then one day he saw a sign. He read it out loud: $100,000,000,000 if you can stay in the house on the hill for one night.

“Great!” he said all exsited. The house was old, creepey, smelly, and hunter. But the woodcutter was NOT afraid of anything. He packed up his soup and walked up to the house. “Well hear it” the woodcutter said walking in. It was cover in spiter webs. He sat down on the chair and ate his soup. Then he hear….”HELP ME, HELP ME, I’m lost!” The voice said. And a leg came walking in. The woodcutter was staterled and lost his apitit. He puled out a (old) book. When he hear……
“HELP ME, HELP ME, I’M LOST!” said the voice. A arm came flying in the window! The woodcutter was frientend he got up to leave but he was missing his arm and leg. He hears a crakaling voice and died.

The End

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