To the editor:

Mr. Foley in his Nov. 1 letter accuses me of ignoring the trapping effect of carbon dioxide. In fact, I very specifically discussed carbon dioxide in paragraphs four and five of the article. I saw no reason to repeat at length the claims that have been continuously made for the past several years. He then claims that 2000-2009 has been the hottest decade ever recorded. The U.K. meteorological office very recently released a study stating that there has been no significant global warming for the past 16 years.

Antarctic ice, far from “breaking apart,” expanded to a record extent this year per satellite observations. The arctic polar ice is well known to be cyclical. Sea levels have stabilized after a slight rise. The rise was the result of the warming we have experienced due to the high solar cycles shown in the chart accompanying my article. Mr. Foley completely ignored the well-documented link between solar cycles and climate (paragraphs six through eight of my article.)

I would suggest that Mr. Foley spend time on at least a weekly basis on the website www.ClimateDepot.com. It is devoted to presenting both sides of the issue by providing links to articles and other websites. At the bottom of the page there are three permanent columns of links to websites on both sides of the issue. The left column is primarily science, the center column is the skeptics, and the right column is the warmists. When the website was initiated, the length of the three columns was approximately equal.

Peter F. Wells


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