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Letter: Election shows country is really center-left

To the editor:

Can we now retire the myth that America is a center-right country? We have been hearing this for years, from all manner of pundits, people and politicians. This myth lies at the basis of Fox News. It’s what enables right-wingers like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity to claim so much influence. It’s the foundation of the Tea Party. It’s used as a justification for the decades-long rightward slide of the GOP.

But the results on Tuesday show how false this myth is.

A center-right country would have embraced the privatization of Medicare via Paul Ryan’s proposed vouchers. It’s telling that Mitt Romney abandoned Ryan’s plan in the last months of his campaign, and actually tried to run to the left of President Obama on Medicare, promising more socialism when he promised to reverse proposed Medicare cost cuts.

A center-right country would have sided with Romney on repealing Obamacare.

A center-right country would have rejected gay marriage and the candidate, Obama, who announced full fledged support for gay marriage and who ended discrimination against gays in the military.

A center-right country would have rejected immigration reform and the candidate, Obama, who used an executive order to implement the Dream Act.

A center-right country would rejected the candidate, Obama, who supported universal access to contraceptives and abortion.

A center-right country would have embraced Romney’s free-market rejection of auto company bailouts and GOP support for “right-to-work” laws intended to cripple unions.

A center-right country would have embraced Romney’s saber-rattling on Iran and Syria, tough talk on China and Russia, and promises of restoring America’s pre-eminence on the world stage.

The point is, the results on Tuesday, when weighed against the two parties’ stances on all of these issues, demonstrate that this is not a center-right country. The GOP and Fox (and the handful of states that make up the Old Confederacy) are center-right (or just plain right-right) institutions. Their problem is that they are increasingly out oftouch with America’s center-left majority.

John Ranta


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