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Letter: A few questions to test your stance on Israel

To the editor:

This is a personal survey to ascertain how anti-Semitic you are.

Do you believe that Hamas’ firing of 13,000 rockets and missiles at Israel’s civilian population in the last 10 years is justifiable?

The Charter of Hamas states that it is a religious duty of every Muslim to kill Jews. Do you believe that is a defensible moral position?

That same charter also states that Jews were responsible for the French and Russian Revolutions, communism, capitalism and both world wars. Do you think that is accurate historically?

The charter states that the Zionist entity, i.e., Israel, has no right to exist and that all Jews should be removed. Does that seem reasonable?

Do you believe that if Israel had not been established in 1948 the world would be a better place free of violence?

Do you believe that the presence of a Jew in any area of land pollutes the soil, is morally repugnant and a source of crime and corruption?

Do you believe that Jews do not have a right to live in Israel and Jerusalem?

Do you think it would be morally wrong if Mexican drug cartels fired rockets at El Paso and San Diego but morally right for terrorists to fire rockets at Jerusalem and Tel Aviv?

Firing rockets at Jewish schools is the action of good, kind people, but firing a rocket at New Ipswich would be the action of an evil, deranged sociopath?

Did American soldiers who died during World War II actually fight for the wrong cause because Hitler was right in attempting to free the world from Jews?

Do you object to Jews defending themselves?

If your answer is yes to any one of these questions, then you are an anti-Semite.

Rick Sirvint


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