Letters: Too much spending in Greenville

To the editor:

To the citizens of Greenville:

The economic crisis must be at an end, how else can you explain the raises being given out this year at the selectmen’s meeting on Dec. 22?

Last year the town employees received only a 3 percent raise, while this year it is a whole new set of rules with nobody on the board to watch where the money is going.

This year the highway laborer is getting a 2.99 percent raise while everybody else is getting a 4 percent or more increase. The town administrator is 4 percent, the selectmen’s administrator assistant is getting 4.87 percent, the road agent is getting 5 percent, the assistant road agent is getting 5.6 percent, with the deputy clerk and the deputy tax collector is getting a 6.67 percent increase. Please look at the raises given as exceptions in the past few years to the TA assistant and the assistant road agent to increase their salaries.

The two highest increases are going to go to the spouses of two of the selectmen who just voted for these increases. If you don’t believe it, then check out the facts on minutes that are on the town’s website. While the money seems to be free flowing “windfalls” at our town hall there are a lot of homeowners who will end up paying for the tax increase to pay for these raises. Many are on fixed income and are only going to get a 1.7 percent increase in their Social Security or any other benefits that they currently receive.

With the economy, nobody should have gotten more than a 3 percent increase this year. These raises were unconscionable to say in the least.

Citizens of Greenville, these are your tax dollars that are being spent and the selectmen were voted into office to watch over your money not spend it now and worry about how we will pay for it later. Remember that we as a town will have a final say on the budget but we must be aware of what the selectmen are doing. Read the minutes or go get a copy and read them. There is a lot going on and the newspaper does not always report everything that is going on in town. Maybe the paper should read the minutes also as there is very little about what goes on at the Greenville selectmen’s meeting that is being reported.

Leon Proctor

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