Peterborough wedding photographer offers five tips on using social media for your wedding

Got a new job? Get Linkedin with others in your field.

Read a great quote? Share it on Twitter.

Bought your first car? Post the photo on Instagram.

Just got married? Change your Facebook status so you are no longer single.

Facebook. Pintrest. Blogs. Instagram. I-phones. For better or worse, social media is now part of the culture we live in. And nowhere is that new trend more evident then in wedding planning.

Today, brides chat on forums about photographers they did or did not like working with. They can share do-it-yourself decorating tips, or advice on how to get married on a budget. Brides share photos of what they want their flower girl to wear and what kind of eye shadow they want their bridesmaids to use. Instead of asking a friend which band they used, today’s bride can use social media and ask everyone living in her town.

And yet as so often happens too many options often makes it difficult to know where to start. So, how can a bride capitalize on social media tools as she plans her wedding? Here are five ideas:

Pin It

Pintrest is a virtual pinning board. It allows users to pull images they find interesting from the web and “pin” or collect them on a board they have created. Brides can create boards with titles like: hair, bridesmaids’ dresses, flowers or make-up. On each board, a bride-to-be can collect images they find beautiful and fit into a specific theme. Think of Pintrest as a visual scrapbook — a place to collect all those really great ideas. Pintrest can also become a conversation tool between a bride and her photographer. Brides can collect images from weddings they find on the Internet and create a board called, “Photography.” Then, they can share this board with their photographer. This allows the photographer to get a sense of what the bride is looking for visually and what kind of images she finds appealing or is attracted to.

Like It

Facebook is a great place to collect venders. Brides can check out what florist or band their best friend used, and then find that vender’s Facebook page to see if they like the images and comments posted. Also, if a client mentions they are friends with a previous bride that used that vendor, sometimes vendors will offer deals or discounts. It’s worth name-dropping. Today, many brides also create a unique Facebook page just for their wedding. (Here is a how-to on that topic: A wedding Facebook page is just like a personal page, but it becomes a place that couples can share important information about their upcoming wedding. It can include details on date, time and location, as well as gift registry or bachelorette party information.

Talk About It

Wedding forums are like a big community, except all everyone talks about are weddings. People share advice on everything from flowers to whether waterproof mascara is good idea. Brides can discuss weight loss, in-laws and budgets without fear of judgment. Brides can get free consultations, ask questions, share their wedding stories, and make recommendations. Wedding forums can help brides, not only get good deals, but also can eliminate the need for a wedding planner. Brides can also get the most up-to-date and accurate reviews on vendors. If for instance a DJ showed up two hours late or a videographer forgot a lens, everyone on the forum will know about it.

Touch It Up

Instagram is an online photo-sharing and social networking services that enables uses to take photographs, edit them and upload them to an Instagram networking site as well as other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Weddings are the perfect photo opportunity and Instagram is a great way to involve guests. During the days leading up to the wedding a bride can photograph her jewelry, her hair and make trials, or even her ring and share these images with her friends and family. During the wedding a couple can encourage their friends to help documents the event. The bride and groom should come up with a unique tag – such as #WeddingAmandaandAbe2013 so all the images from their wedding are categorized together. This tag name can be shared on the invitations or even the programs. After the wedding couples can then collect the images using a web viewer such as “Inkstagram” which will and make a slideshow of all the images.

Vendors: Look them up, always

All vendors should use social media. If a vendor is not using social media, that tells a client they are outdated. Brides should check out a vendor’s Facebook or Pinterest sites. They should pay attention to the first impression they get. Look for vendors with clean, busy and creative social media sites. It is important that vendors are linked to other vendors, too. For example, if a potential photographer is linked to a local hotel or is liked by multiple other vendors, it is safe to assume that vendor is creditable and easy to work with. Look for vendors with social media pages that other brides are excited about.

Amanda Borozinski lives with her son, dog and horse in Peterborough. She earned her Master’s of Fine Arts in creative non-fiction from Antioch University Los Angeles. Her writing has appeared in “The Oklahoma Review,” “Guideposts Magazine,” “Positive Thinking Magazine” and will be in the upcoming issue of the “Northern New England Review.” She can be reached via email at

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