Letter: Sec. Clinton has earned our praise

To the editor:

It’s so easy to sit at home or office well beyond the fray and review the performance of those in the fray. Case in point: Hillary Clinton retires as the most well-respected woman in the world and reporters are rapier-ready to fault her for not leaving behind a lasting foreign-policy legacy.

Let’s try hard to remember — oh, nation suffering from chronic national amnesia — how we looked to allies, would-be allies, enemies — when Secretary Clinton took office. All wished to like, respect and follow our lead, but what kind of lead was there to like, respect and follow? Try to remember — even our allies thought we were nasty.

What Secretary Clinton accomplished in four years, thanks to her heavy traveling schedule, was to bring to the world the best of America. What do we have going for us? Friendliness, energy, generosity, acceptance of anybody from anywhere, willingness to hear all voices and points of view, willingness to talk to anybody, eat whatever is put before us, assume the rights and dignity of ordinary people.

This is what we are at our best. By her relentless effort, so joyfully and energetically executed, Secretary Clinton reminded the world — and ought to bring home to us — what we essentially are as a nation. True, she was held back from dealing in Israel and Palestine and in Afghanistan. All I can say is too bad, for given her political brilliance and friendly optimism, she might have succeeded despite the odds.

Heidi Dawidoff


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