Letter: Enough already with do-good taxes

To the editor:

I’ve allotted myself 10 minutes to write this letter because wasting time to convince Democrats the error of their ways is a fool’s errand. So to the point in my wasted 10 minutes.

Last week Frank Sterling wrote that Democrats never learn. To wit, our newly elected representatives to the State House voted to raise home fuel oil taxes. Franklin was correct. In response this week, new representatives Douglas Ley and Harry L. Young wrote lengthy letters stating that it only amounted to $2.50 on each 1,000 gallons and that Jaffrey alone received $1.4 million from this government program to help the poor. Stop this do-gooding taxing! Stop it! Stop It! Hundreds of billions of our taxes have been spent on the poor since President Johnson’s war on poverty with its resultant waste, corruption and no lessening of poverty. And you still want more? I beg you, stop it!

By the way, $250,000 was granted to Peterborough last year for the new boiler in their Town House. I believe the town could well afford to pay for its own boiler. It was one of those ridiculous government fuel efficiency programs. Our new Democrat representatives could help the poor with their leaky tanks by retrieving that $250,000 from the town of Peterborough.

Donald Christian


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