Bennington’’s proposed zoning amendments in plain English


Amendment 2: Eliminates the article altogether due to redundancies. New Hampshire state law already requires lots to meet septic system standards before constructing a building.

Amendment 3: Eliminates the ordinance since the state already mandates that two adjoining lots under the same ownership individually meet district requirements.

Amendment 4: Updates to include: One portable sign no bigger than 10 square feet is permitted per business. The previous article stated no portable signs were permitted.

Amendment 5: Adds language to say that if more than one business exists on a single lot, each business is permitted to have at most one freestanding sign and one sign attached to the building.

Amendment 6: Amends article to add: No freestanding sign structure shall exceed 16 feet in height. The previous article referred just to signs exceeding 16 feet.

Amendment 7, A: Clears up language and specifically adds Water Resource Protection Zone to the subsection.

Amendment 7, B: Amends previous subsection to make language clear that a minimum of three acres is required for lots in Water Resource Protection Zone not served by public water and sewer.

Amendment 7, C: Clarifies language to reflect that three acres per lot is needed to meet the stated requirements.

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