Letter: Fuel tax will be passed on to customers

To the editor:

The plot thickens. According to John Rider, Chairman of the Oil Heat Council, our new Democrat representatives in the state legislature wisely voted to reinstate the .0025 cent tax proposed in HB185. Three years ago the legislature voted to decrease it by the same amount. Do not worry. He said it is not a tax on your heating oil, kerosene or fuel for your vehicles. It is instead a “fee” on retail and wholesale dealers. Implied is that this “fee tax” is swallowed by dealers and not passed on to consumers. He’s got to be kidding.

Already an oil tank fill-up costs upwards of $600. It almost reduces the average customer to pauper status. Is the Oil Heat Council, an association of petroleum dealers, actively working to reduce prices to its average customers? Apparently not. It is in favor of the .0025 cent increase because it helps them help the poor. Oh, what a tangled web we weave. And it also makes your blood boil.

Donald Christian


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