Letter: Cutting hours hurts workers

To the editor:

I am sorry to see that Monadnock Developmental Services embraces a Walmart strategy of denigrating a significant portion of their workforce — the daily support providers — by slashing a 40 hour work week to a mere 29.5 hours in order to avoid providing benefits.

They seem to have forgotten that their most valued assets are the people working for them on the “front lines.” These worker’s skills, dedication, caring and compassion are essential to maintaining the health and well-being of the most vulnerable among us — the developmentally disabled.

MDS recently put a portion of their barely above-minimum-wage workforce on notice that their hours will drop from 40 to no more than 29.5 per week. This decision prevents workers from being able to access Obamacare. Additionally MDS never has given any sick days or vacation time to these hard working employees — even after years of loyal service.

Part of the MDS Mission Statement says that “We believe respecting each person’s and each family’s values is the foundation for building and strengthening people’s lives.” Except for their workforce, that is. Paying low wages, “nickel-and-diming” employees on the issue of insurance benefits and placing the burden of economic change on the backs of their workforce is disgraceful.

If MDS wants to slow down productivity, deal with sick workers, low-job retention and the costs of training and re-training by cutting jobs and wages, then that makes them the “job killers” — not Obamacare.

MDS is designated by the State of New Hampshire to assist individuals with disabilities to live in their communities — but unless MDS cleans up their act, we may need to consider an alternative.

It took MDS a lot of years to build a reputation and only five minutes to ruin it.

Karin Wells


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