In honor  of teachers

PES students, and even some parents, write in for Teacher Appreciation Week

I think I have the best teachers in the world because they are all so nice, funny and teach me new things all the time.  Mrs. D’Andrea sings, makes jokes, laughs, loves books and does really fun art projects.  Mrs. Minard loves music, always smiles, helps me with my ABC’s, ties my shoes and reminds me where to go after school. Mrs. Morrocco always comes into my class with a smile and says something nice. Everybody wants to go with her but she can’t take everybody.  Mrs. Rousseau teaches me everything I need to know about my body and we even made a mouth with marshmallow teeth that you can’t eat because that isn’t healthy. Mr. Szep and Mr. M are so much fun and teach us the best games ever, like stinky feet, hockey, ship wreck and basketball. Mrs. Weil hurt her foot but still teaches us computers, and nobody would know anything without her. Mrs. Stewart teaches us how to be a good friend. Mr. Rothhaus always says nice and funny things, and thinks our class is great because we behave so well. Mrs. deSteuben shows us all kinds of books, she  reads to us and let’s us pick out books to read at home and bring back to school. Mrs. Compton teaches us songs, we even sing about primary colors and she lets us do really fun art projects. Mrs. Blackburn and her class teach us how to read, and they are always nice to my whole class. I really love all my teachers and my school that’s why I want to be an artist and teacher when I grow up. 

Chloe Ward

Kindergarten, Mrs. D’Andrea

I like Mrs. Gordon because she is funny and nice.  Mrs. Gordon likes to read to our class and most of all, she likes to have fun!  She even makes math fun. Today we’re having the Measurement Olympics!

Nicky DiNino

Third Grade, Mrs. Gordon

Dear Mrs. Gordon,

Thank you for being the best teacher in the world! Thank you for always being there to help me. I’ve had a lot of fun being in your class this year and doing lots of fun activities. I’m going to miss you next year, but I’m glad I’ll still be able to see you around school.

Have a great summer!

Molly Tyle

Third Grade, Mrs. Gordon

To all the teachers:

At times when we’re reading the coverage of the school budget and struggles of the shrinking district, we find it hard to recognize the ConVal district that we know as parents of two children at Peterborough Elementary School. 

The teachers at ConVal’s PES are truly amazing professionals, both those in the classroom and those teaching art/music, health, physical education, library, and arts enrichment. Each teacher with her/his own style brings knowledge of how to teach subject matter in engaging ways, and a deep understanding of how kids develop and learn. Furthermore, through their experience, they are able to meet diverse needs in the classroom with creativity and humor. 

Kudos to you all for your expertise, diligence, interest in collaboration with each other and in partnerships with parents, and mostly for your dedication to the kids.

Special thanks to Jen Christensen, Nancy O’Neill, Shannon Dunning, Carter Judkins, Nicola Fraley, Jon Szep, Lynne Compton, Tanya Rousseau, Marcia deSteuben, Jeanne Connolly, and Monica Riffle.

Johanna Wilson-White
and Noel White, Peterborough

Dear Mrs. West,

You are the best teacher I have had in all my years at PES. You are super nice and I have learned so much from you. You always make the classroom environment a good place to be in. When I leave PES I will miss you a lot. I love how you make real-world connections to whatever we are learning about. I will never forget the day you tried to do a push-up in class – it was so funny!

Thanks for making 4th grade a good year for me.

Grace Phillips

Fourth Grade, Mrs. West

Dear Mrs. Mann,

You are a very nice teacher. I like the way you giggle. I like the way you read because you have a nice voice. You are kind and awesome. I hope some of the kindergarteners get you for first grade next year. I am glad you were my teacher for first grade.

Laura Phillips

First Grade, Mrs. Mann

My teacher, Mrs. West, is really nice.  She lets us do lots of fun projects and wear our pajamas to school for pajama days. She also makes fair consequences for when you are not behaving in class.  I also like her because she gives me 7th grade vocabulary homework when I am only in fourth grade! I think that students that had her were really lucky. 


Ben Kriebel

Fourth grade, Mrs. West

Ms. Judkins is very sweet teacher. She does fun activities like in math we do around the world, and in science we read books about birds. Ms. Judkins is also very nice and she talks to you and helps stop hurt feelings. I would like to thank Ms. Judkins for being the nice, sweet teacher that she is.

Cam Jordan

Third Grade, Ms. Judkins

Dear Mrs. Blackburn,

I have had a wonderful year with you. You are a great, awesome, and nice teacher and I will be so sad when I go on to 3rd grade. I will always remember my 2nd grade teacher in my heart.

Love yours truly the one and only,

Eva McCullough

Second Grade, Mrs. Blackburn

Dear Mrs. Blackburn,

Mrs. Blackburn is nice. We went to the bowling alley for a marble jar reward. We also have pajama day for marble jar rewards. I liked doing the bean plant experiment. I learned that oil and water don’t mix. I learned what is inside a seed. The three parts are the seed coat, the embryo, and the food storage. We dissected a lima bean. We are going to go to a space museum about Alan Shepard and Christa McAuliffe for a field trip.

Thank you, Mrs. Blackburn.  I’ve liked being in your second grade class this year.

Audra Kratzenberg

Second Grade, Mrs. Blackburn

I like the way Mrs. Mann teaches me math and that she does sharing.  

Amia Knowles

First grade, Mrs. Mann

I like that Ms. Judkins brought in Steve Lipofsky to video our maple sugaring project and it will be on TV. I also like the way Ms. Judkins says how she appreciates the good things we do in class.  

Sarah Knowles

Third Grade, Ms. Judkins

My name is Elli Ward and I am in 3rd grade at PES. I know lots of kids think they have the best teacher but I really do. All of  my teachers have been great: Mrs. McGonagle, Ms.O’Neill, Mrs. Blackburn and now Ms. Judkins. Ms. Judkins is so funny, kind, smart, patient and a tap dancer. She does so much for our class and has taught us lots of great things. My favorite has been the unit on civil rights because we talked about what it was like for the kids and I was amazed by the children’s march. She would say things like: “just imagine,” “what if it were you” and “just think- you couldn’t sit next to your friend on the bus because....”  It really made me think and she did the same thing for my brother.

Elli Ward

Third Grade, Ms. Judkins

I like having Ms. LaRoche for a teacher – it’s been an awesome year! Thank you Mrs. Compton and Mrs. deSteuben for teaching me how to knit!

Mairin Burgess

Third Grade, Ms. LaRoche

I think Mrs. Fraley is a great teacher. She has taught me so much and has a great sense of humor.  She has lots of knowledge and always has interesting things to say such as ‘easy, peasy, squeezy lemons’. By the end of the year, I am going to miss PES and of course Mrs. Fraley!

Anna Taylor

Fourth Grade, Mrs. Fraley

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