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Let residents  lead on wind

To the editor:

Adam Cohen’s opinion piece in the March 9 paper failed to mention a number of things about wind. He did mention a couple of “successful” projects, but I question his definition of success – Groton is still a travesty for wildlife in the region. There are also many issues with wind projects in upstate New York – people getting sick from the flicker and noise, bats being decimated and more. Finally, he talked a lot about monetary benefits to local communities, but I notice he didn’t mention Lempster, and the problems they’ve had with related money issues. He also failed to mention that wind hasn’t benefited anyone in New Hampshire with lower electric rates, and I certainly haven’t seen any coal-fired plants closing.

The other thing Cohen didn’t mention is the fact that he doesn’t live here. The Town of New Ipswich changed their zoning because they were responding to the needs of the people who live there. It’s unfortunate that his company spent all that money, but risk is a cost of doing business.

Increasing use of renewable energy is mandated by law and in many cases, subsidized by the federal government, in the same way they subsidize oil and coal. I generally support renewable energy – of course, we want to reduce our use of fossil fuels that pour 90 million tons of carbon into the atmosphere every day. However, the feds have “everything on the table” and are not realizing that “one size” doesn’t necessarily “fit all.” Wind may be right in the plains and the desert, but in a state that prides itself on its natural beauty and relies on the tourist dollars that follow that natural beauty, we don’t appreciate subsidized companies “entrepreneuring” their way into New Hampshire. Our capitalist democracy works pretty well most of the time, but this time, science and local control should be leading the way.

Janet Renaud


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