Climate deniers spin same stories

To the editor:

There is no such thing as a rational discussion with a climate denier. You might as well argue with rock because you will get nowhere. A recent letter in this newspaper proudly touted the words of two of the world’s foremost climate deniers. And the writer appeared to rest his case on their utterances. These two sources have been around for decades and are routinely schlepped from venue to venue by the fossil fuel industry to do their denier thing. It’s not a heavy lift for the climate-denying lobby — there are only two of them.

Contrast that “evidence” with this iron-clad statistic, There are no national or major scientific institutions anywhere in the world that dispute the theory of human causes of climate change. Not one. As Peter T. Doran and Maggie Kendall Zimmerman, of the Earth and Environmental Sciences Department at University of Illinois put it, “In the field of climate science, the consensus is unequivocal: human activities are causing climate change.”

The evidence no longer needs to come from experts, trust your own eyes and ears. Mammoth droughts, mega rain events, rising sea levels, disappearing Arctic ice, strange behavior or disappearance of animal and insect species, appearance of species that don’t belong here. It’s all around us and, finally, there appears to be some movement on the Congressional front to address it.

Ted Leach


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