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Let’s promote, not provide, all welfare

To the editor:

I have been thinking about the July 30 opinion article written by Charles McEachern about expanding Medicaid. Although I am not going to address the issue of Medicaid, I need to correct the comment on the Preamble of the Constitution. The letter urges the NH Legislature to expand the Medicaid as per the Affordable Care Act.... and that this will provide for the general welfare as mentioned in the Preamble of the United States Constitution.

The Preamble does not say that the government is to provide for the general welfare of the people, but “promote the general Welfare.” There is a big difference. To provide would be to furnish with, care for, supply etc. (as in the Affordable Care Act). To promote is to forward, to advance, to contribute to the growth (this shows the folly of the Affordable Care Act).

Therefore it is a wrong understanding to say that the Constitution says we should provide for all our welfare programs. To give to the poor and help the needy is good, but to promote apathy and avarice is wrong. We should defund or repeal the Affordable Care Act, reform the current system and go back to “promoting” the general welfare of the people. This would be the right thing to do.

Earl Goddard


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