Issue is challenge to life itself

To the editor:

There have been postings about climate change on these pages and for the most part, it is good to see. There have been opinions expressed on the issues from those who believe what cannot be proven and those who refute the existence of such a phenomenon; those who would refute life itself. But what follows is not conjecture, but fact: There are 2 billion acres of land in the U.S. and roughly 1/6 of that are homes, roads, businesses, etc. In 1900 there were 1 billion people on the planet and the CO2 in the atmosphere was about 275 PPM. As of today there are over 6 billion, soon to be 7 billion, folks with CO2 at 400 and climbing. Do you need to be a scientist or be willing to experiment with the lives of 7 billion people or is it rather just common sense that we are affecting the planet in dangerous ways.

Dangerous for those living today? No, not really, but the growing region for 2.5 billion people gets its water supply from the glaciers in the mountainous regions of Asia and South America. As those glaciers recede and we have all seen those facts. The water supply that is released to these growing regions is dramatically reduced and has stopped in some places. What is worse is large factory farms are growing bio fuel feed stock for a gas thirsty world without regard for the less fortunate, and that is what this conversation needs to be about. Not all people can mitigate the warming planet with central AC. Most people will try to survive on a hot planet. Read Lester Brown’s “Plan B for Planet Earth” or James Howard Kunstler’s “The Long Emergency,” or Thomas Friedman’s “Hot Flat and Crowded,” or a myriad of others. But for some, just read.

Ed Surprenant


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