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Calling on the  spirit of the hunt

To the editor:

Are the Spirits of the Hunt with you?

Here is how you can tell. When entering the woods for a hunt, the mind needs to be cleansed of all those “should” spirits, such as the fall windows need cleaning, the lawn needs mowing, the garage is a mess, the hedge needs trimming, you promised to take the wife shopping, and there is football at 2 p.m. Note that the mind is all cluttered up with “should” spirits. It’s the mind that sees, not the eyes, and with all this clutter you won’t see that eye behind a sapling, the twitch of an ear, the light stomp of a deer, a nose by the hemlock branch, a light fresh print in the leaves, or a dark spot among the trees that shouldn’t be there.

When you notice things you never noticed before, hear sounds that are different, or see where you never saw before, then you know the hunt spirits are with you. Tell those “should” spirits to take a nap and enjoy your venison.

Ernest (Bud) Adams


Legacy Comments1

May the spirits of the hunt be always with you, Bud!

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