It’s simple — just don’t re-elect ’em

To the editor:

This problem we have in Washington, D.C., belongs to us. Until we fix it, it will continue to be a problem. Today, sadly, when newly elected politicians go to office, they learn that 50 to 75 percent of their time needs to be devoted to getting re-elected. They also come to understand that the decisions they will make need to be governed by the probability that the decision will help them get re-elected.

The solution is simple — do not vote for incumbents. Polls show that 75 percent of Americans think a wholesale replacement of Congress is a great idea. However, the same poll shows that 50 percent of Americans think their politician is A-OK. These numbers are about as high and low as they have ever been. Of course, there are good politicians (well, maybe), but in order to fix the problem our agreement with each other needs to be “dump them all.” And we need to do this continuously for the next 100 years or so.

So, join the No Party. It doesn’t cost anything and there is no place to mail donations. Just don’t vote for an incumbent.

I believe that the average American can deal with the problems of the day. They did 200 years ago — and reluctantly too. They didn’t like to get elected or re-elected; they preferred to return to their farms and family. What is interesting about all this is they didn’t get rich being a politician and by returning home they lived with the laws they created.

Patrick Leary


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