This is a scary time in Rindge

Our group, Save Our Town, attended the Planning Board meeting Nov. 19 where Roger Hawk of Hawk Consulting (the architect of the Rindge Charrette) gave an update on where the town stands on “The West Rindge Revitalization Project.”

He showed graphics on the screen of where this plan is being proposed. Oddly enough, the overlay did not show the “Village District” where the proposed zoning changes will be. Why? You be the judge of that. This plan all hinges on the zoning changes to the West Rindge Village District that will be brought forth in the upcoming March vote. The HUD Grant contracts dictate that. It was brought up by Planning Chair Kirk Stenersen that this zoning change will not just be for West Rindge, but for all Village Districts. East Rindge, get ready, apparently the plan is now involving you too. These plans being pushed all around the state are being done so while bypassing elected state representation. That’s right, the Granite State Future group that controls all nine Regional Planning Commissions are doing this while bypassing our state legistlature.

Roger Hawk’s proposal is to have retail stores and shops at the ground level, and stacked living spaces on the upper levels. Let me tell you, after attending several meetings about this, this plan has very little to do with retail, and whole lot about housing. In fact, the emphasis is on housing. The first word in HUD is “housing” for a reason. The zoning change, if passed, would allow for 1 acre lots in the “Village Districts.” That would allow for more housing. Apartment developers can apply for HUD and other taxpayer funded incentives to build multi-family housing and apartments over stores. This means preferred developers will get to use our tax money to finance and profit from building multi-family housing.

I believe in fair housing laws, and there should be no discrimination, but HUD is trying to social engineer every neighborhood in America and local citizens will not have a say. Instead of having to prove actual incidents of housing denials based on race, HUD now uses demographic statistics as proof of racist housing policies. If your neighborhood is not demographically “correct,” HUD declares that your town used discriminatory zoning, and the burden-of–proof of innocence is put on the town. This has happened in Westchester County in New York. HUD said the county was not diverse enough. It can, and will happen here. This also changes the voting demographics. Along with free houses come free votes. Wouldn’t you vote for someone if they gave you everything for free? This is government deception at its worst. This is socialism. This is scary.

Let me remind you, some of the town officials have repeatedly said “this is only a plan,” a “pipe dream” that won’t happen. Our group says you don’t spend $37,000 of taxpayer money and years of resources to develop a plan to throw in the trash. One of Saul Alinsky’s famous quotes was, “tell them what you need to do to get over the hump, then once over the hump, do what you want.” Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton idolize Saul Alinsky. Saul Alinsky was a community organizer and a socialist. That is scary.

Larry Cleveland lives in Rindge.

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While our State Legislators will not vote on our local zoning, we residents of Rindge will be given that opportunity to do so in March. I am pleased to see so many residents attending Planning and Select Board meetings.

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