ANTRIM — The Select Board agreed upon a new town rule on Tuesday which bans the use of tobacco products at all town parks as well as the town beach and boat launch.

If there is no cigarette smoking in town parks then it will be easier for police to detect if individuals are smoking other things, like illicit substances, Parks and Recreation Commission Chair Joan Gorga said at Tuesday’s Select Board meeting. Instead of bringing numerous young people to court, Police Chief Scott Lester said Tuesday, police would be able to issue a notice of trespass, which could last 24 hours or potentially up to 60 days, if repeat offenses occurred.

Discussion focused on how to inform the public of the prohibited use of tobacco and as well as clarify what the intended purposes are for the parks and beach.

“We can’t list everything we’re trying to address,” Lester said at the meeting.

With the new rule approved, the Parks and Recreation Commission will now be responsible for constructing covered signs and find a way to address the permitted and not permitted uses for these areas of town before the rule takes effect.

“It’s really all geared to trying to limit the drug use at Memorial Park,” Gorga said in an interview Wednesday. “We’re trying to find a positive way of addressing what’s been going on at the park without laws.”

In regards to banning tobacco at the town beach and boat launch, Gorga said the Parks and Recreation Department has jurisdiction of the town land, but not the bodies of water.

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Thank you for making efforts to curb the drug use in town! There are a lot of kids that want to use the park without the peer pressure and/or being assumed because they enjoy riding at the park that they must also be using drugs. This is a great start! If there are ways parents can help, please post!

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