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Trager Approach: Peterborough practitioner offering therapeutic alternative

“If you move gently in ways you’re not used to, the brain will wake up.”

That’s one way that Carol Kraus describes the Trager Approach, a therapy technique that uses gentle movement to break up entrenched movement patterns that are no longer benefitting a person’s overall health.

Kraus, who worked in the Boston area as a registered nurse for 25 years before moving to Peterborough, has been a Trager practitioner for about 10 years. And soon she’ll be opening a practice called Gentle Healing in an office in Depot Square, where she’ll offer both Trager Approach and Reiki to her clients.

Kraus developed an interest in holistic healing techniques during her years working as a nurse, and she became fascinated by the work of Milton Trager, who had started developing bodywork techniques in the 1930s while training as a boxer in Miami Beach.

“He found he had an aptitude for healing intuitively,” Kraus says. “No one believed him, so he went on and became a traditional physician.”

Trager started teaching in the 1980s, and Kraus learned the techniques at workshops in Massachusetts and Maine.

She says it’s especially good for stress reduction and helping people with back problems or neurological illnesses.

“When you’re young, you have infinite possibilities,” Kraus says. “You can be a dancer, or a brain surgeon. Or you can sit at a computer all day long. As we get older, those possibilities are narrower. Our minds and bodies get stiff.”

Kraus says the Trager Approach is a hands-on therapy that uses gentle guidance from the practitioner, not the more vigorous actions of massage. Clients wear comfortable, loose clothing and may start a session standing up, then lie on a table as the practitioner moves the body in ways that are not forced.

Kraus, who has been doing Trager sessions from her home in the Nubanusit Neighborhood, plans to open the Gentle Healing office in October.

For more information, she can be reached at 924-7085.

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