Well School names science fair winners

Students in the 6th through 8th grades at The Well School presented their science projects as part of the Science Fair on March 22 and 23.

The process used for both creation and judging of the children’s projects was based on the standards and procedures set by Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, a pre-college based science program aimed at developing student’s engagement and understanding of science. It helps students answer the question “Why do I need this stuff?” More importantly, it involves them in the process of real scientific discovery.

Students use a query based model to develop their questions, research and test solutions, and finally to form their conclusions. Their results are then developed into displays, which are judged based on a standard set of criteria, as defined in the winner categories below.

1st Place Individual: Hannah Trautwein, 8th Grade, “Do people innately prefer the golden ratio as a design element?”

2nd Place Individual: Jared Lewis, 8th Grade, “What type of airfoil has the highest stall angle?”

3rd Place Individual: Deven Hardikar, Reed Simon, Jeremy Callahan

6th Grade: “Do people choose food by appearance?”

Creativity: Luke Wilson, 8th grade, “How does the width of a pine beam affect its strength?”

Scientific Thought: Emma Vorfeld, 8th grade, “Are acids or bases more effective at removing the stains from teeth?”

Thoroughnes: Madeline Garland, 7th grade, “Does age affect how you can overcome the Stroop effect?”

Skill: Faith Lewis, 7th grade, “Does the number of the blades affect the efficiency of the rotor?

Clarity: Grace Harrington and Magnus Carlton, 6th grade, “Do ten, eleven, and twelve year olds hear higher frequencies than thirteen and fourteen year olds?”

Teamwork: Pablo Perea and Dani Iniquez, 8th grade, “Does age, gender, size of the hand, flexibility, or ability of playing an instrument affect people’s dexterity?”

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