ConVal High 2013 Awards and Honors


Perreault, Sean (Anonymous Donor Scholarship); Ingalls, Maddison (Contoocook Valley Board of Realtors); Kelso, Jack (ConVal Community Scholarship Foundation/John Vance Award); Hughes, Thomas (ConVal Community Scholarship Foundation); Nutter, Katherine (ConVal Community Scholarship Foundation); Perreault, Sean (ConVal Community Scholarship Foundation); Somero, Waylen (ConVal Community Scholarship Foundation); Webber, Haley (ConVal Community Scholarship Foundation); Crowley, Robert (Derek Witherell Memorial Scholarship); Dunn, Maxinne (Dr. Herbert Flewelling Scholarship); Galley, Kathryn (Edith Bird Bass Essay Contest); Dunn, Maxinne (Edith Bird Bass Essay Contest); Perreault, Sean (Greater PeterboroughChamber of Commerce Chester S. Bowles Career Development/Technical Scholarships); Morrocco, Lauren (Greenfield Woman’s Club-Dorothy Miner Macalaster Book Scholarship); Perreault, Sean (Greenville Women’s Club); Crowley, Dustyn (Grimshaw-Gudewicz Scholarship); Douglass, Erin (Grimshaw-Gudewicz Scholarship); Ingalls, Maddison (Grimshaw-Gudewicz Scholarship); Sebert, Jacob (Grimshaw-Gudewicz Scholarship); Williams, Annalise (Grimshaw-Gudewicz Scholarship); Blanchette, Dana (Hancock Guild Scholarship); Hale, Owen (Hancock Guild Scholarship); Ingalls, Maddison (Hancock Guild Scholarship); Proctor, Barrett (Hancock Guild Scholarship); O’Connell, Sarah (Ian Richardson Goodwin Scholarship); Perreault, Sean (Kiwanis Club of Peterborough/Ann Geisel Memorial); Williams, Annalise (Lake Sunapee Bank Citizenship Award); Welch, Anna (Monadnock Art/Friends of the Dublin Art Colony Award); Welch, Anna (Monadnock Arts Auction/ Jaffrey Chamber of Commerce); Dunn, Maxinne (NHADA Scholarship); Mackey, Lauren (Peter Michael Abbott Scholarship); Mandrik, Rachel (Peter Pelletier Scholarship); Nichols, Zachary (Peterborough Garden Club); Dunn, Maxinne (Peterborough Rotary Club Scholarship); Hautanen, Anastasia (Peterborough Rotary Club Scholarship); Dunn, Maxinne (Peterborough Women’s Club Scholarship); Pierce, James (Pops Wescott Scholarship); Brock, Marena (Raymond G. Edwards Memorial Scholarship); Topping, Anna (Red Sox Foundation Scholarship); Proctor, Barrett (Sue Kukish Memorial Award); Trowbridge, Caroline (Sue Kukish Memorial Award); Galley, Kathryn (Temple Band Scholarship); Nichols, Zachary (Thomas & Eleanor Manning Memorial Trust); Brett, Chloe (Town of Antrim, Jamison Fund Scholarship); Gideon, Sierra (Town of Antrim, Jamison Fund Scholarship); Payne, Bennett (Town of Antrim, Jamison Fund Scholarship); Galley, Kathryn (Town of Temple Scholarship); Dissinger, Hannah (Town of Temple Scholarship).


Pennington, Samuel (Clark University); McLaughlin, Kelly (Colby-Sawyer College); Dobbs, Amber (Franklin Pierce University); Pierce, James (Franklin Pierce University); Dunn, Maxinne (Hartwick College); Hautanen, Anastasia (Hofstra University); Cutter, Drake (Keene State College); Harling, Steven (Santa Fe University of Art & Design); Dissinger, Hannah (Taylor University); Galley, Kathryn (University of Maine); Shows, Ryan (US Naval Academy); Ahern, Cory (Westminster College); Hensel, Samantha (Endicott College).


Welch, Anna (Art Achievement Award); Dugre, Tyrell (English Award - Most Improved Grade 10); Jones, Kyle (English Award - Most Improved Grade 11); Gideon, Sierra (English Award - Most Improved Grade 12); French, Aleah (English Award - Most Improved Grade 9); Kipka, Chloe (Foreign Language Award-French - Senior Award); Rogers, Kate (Foreign Language Award-French 1); Rogers, Emma (Foreign Language Award-French 2); Tatro, Nicole (Foreign Language Award-French 3); Masce, Martina (Foreign Language Award-French 4); Taft, Elizabeth (Foreign Language Award-French AP/5); Taft, Thayer (Foreign Language Award-German 1); Weidner, Genevieve (Foreign Language Award-German 1); Eichler, Tory (Foreign Language Award-German 2); Greenyer, Hayley (Foreign Language Award-German 3); Batty, Tim (Foreign Language Award-German 4, 5/AP); Kipka, Chloe (Foreign Language Award-German- Senior Award); Dunn, Maxinne (Foreign Language Award-Spanish - Senior Award); Ingalls, Maddison (Foreign Language Award-Spanish - Senior Award); Doyle, Brittany (Foreign Language Award-Spanish 1); White, Douglas (Foreign Language Award-Spanish 1); Ammon, Jamie (Foreign Language Award-Spanish 2); Birk, Alisha (Foreign Language Award-Spanish 3); Fressilli, Matthias (Foreign Language Award-Spanish 4); Gosnell, Kaitlyn (Foreign Language Award-Spanish 4); Daisy, Cassandra (Foreign Language Award-Spanish 5/AP); Garland, Amy (Foreign Language Award-Spanish 5/AP); McClintock, Megan (Math Award - Algebra 1); Tamok, Steele (Math Award - Honors Algebra 2); Kolk, Sarah (Math Award - Honors Geometry); Daisy, Cassandra (Math Award-AP Calculus ); Procita, Aja (Math Award-AP Calculus/Physics); MacPhee, William (Math Award-Honors Pre-Calculus); Brock, Marena (Math Award-Statistics); Hunt, Andrew (PE Award-Grade 10); Adams, Hunter (PE Award-Grade 11); Colburn, Dana (PE Award-Grade 12); Curran, Joshua (PE Award-Grade 9); Galea, Christopher (Science Award - Freshman); Harrington, Elyssa (Science Award - Most Improved Junior); Tamok, Steele (Social Studies Achievement Award-Freshman); Matthias, Lara (Social Studies Achievement Award-Junior); Blanchette, Dana (Social Studies Achievement Award-Senior); Procita, Aja (Social Studies Achievement Award-Sophomore)


Daisy, Cassandra (Bausch & Lomb Award); Galley, Kathryn (Edith Bird Bass Essay Contest); Dunn, Maxinne (Edith Bird Bass Essay Contest); Kipka, Chloe (French National Honor Society); Bomer-Lawson, August (German National Honor Society); Hautanen, Anastasia (German National Honor Society); Jones, Megan (German National Honor Society); Kipka, Chloe (German National Honor Society); Martin, Andrew Tyler (German National Honor Society); Tourgee, Heather (German National Honor Society); Dunn, Maxinne (Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce Youth Achievement Award); Humphrey, Naomi (Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce Youth Achievement Award); Taft, Elizabeth (Harvard Book Award - Boston); Fressilli, Matthias (Harvard Book Award - New Hampshire); Lorimer, Ryleigh (John Phillip Sousa Band Award); Selmer, David (John Phillip Sousa Band Award); Williams, Annalise (John Sullivan Book Award); Galley, Kathryn (Louis Armstrong Jazz Award); Palmer, Morgan (Lucy Hurlin Theatre Award); Weidner, Genevieve (Mount Holyoke Book Award); Blanchette, Dana (National Honor Society); Buzzell, Alec (National Honor Society); Dunn, Maxinne (National Honor Society); Galley, Kathryn (National Honor Society); Hautanen, Anastasia (National Honor Society); Humphrey, Morgan (National Honor Society); Humphrey, Naomi (National Honor Society); Ingalls, Maddison (National Honor Society); Kipka, Chloe (National Honor Society); Lorimer, Ryleigh (National Honor Society); Pennington, Samuel (National Honor Society); Shows, Ryan (National Honor Society); Silverman, Zachary (National Honor Society); Tourgee, Heather (National Honor Society); Trowbridge, Caroline (National Honor Society); Williams, Annalise (National Honor Society); Crowley, Dustyn (National Vocational-Technical Honor Society); Ahern, Cory (NH Scholars); Beyer, Lucy (NH Scholars); Bourgoine, Shelby (NH Scholars); Bradler, Graham (NH Scholars); Buzzell, Alec (NH Scholars); ClaggettSingleton, Isaiah (NH Scholars); Crowley, Dustyn (NH Scholars); Dissinger, Hannah (NH Scholars); Doyle, Taylor (NH Scholars); Dunn, Maxine (NH Scholars); Fotter, Eric (NH Scholars); Galley, Kathryn (NH Scholars); Garland, Amy (NH Scholars); Hautanen, Anastasia (NH Scholars); Heissenberger, Sarah (NH Scholars); Humphrey, Morgan (NH Scholars); Humphrey, Naomi (NH Scholars); Ingalls, Maddison (NH Scholars); Jones, Megan (NH Scholars); Kipka, Chloe (NH Scholars); Kullgren, Jennifer (NH Scholars); LeFlem,Harrison (NH Scholars); Martin, Andrew Tyler (NH Scholars); Pavlik, Katherine (NH Scholars); Pendleton, Sheala (NH Scholars); Pennington, Samuel (NH Scholars); Pierson, Valerie (NH Scholars); Shows,Ryan (NH Scholars); Silverman,Zachary (NH Scholars); Topping,Anna (NH Scholars); Trowbridge,Caroline (NH Scholars); Williams, Annalise (NH Scholars); Brock, Marena (Ronald Reagan Award); Kolk, Sarah (Ronald Reagan Award); Letourneau, Zachary (Ronald Reagan Award); MacPhee, William (Ronald Reagan Award); Tourgee, Heather (Salutatorian); Whitson, George (Science Book Award); Long, Catherine (Smith Book Award); Dunn, Maxinne (Spanish National Honor Society); Garland, Amy (Spanish National Honor Society); Humphrey, Morgan (Spanish National Honor Society); Humphrey, Naomi (Spanish National Honor Society); Ingalls, Maddison (Spanish National Honor Society); Lorimer, Ryleigh (Spanish National Honor Society); Morrocco, Lauren (Spanish National Honor Society); Pennington, Samuel (Spanish National Honor Society); Trowbridge, Caroline (Spanish National Honor Society); Williams, Annalise (Spanish National Honor Society); Trowbridge, Caroline (US Air Force Recruiting Service Mathematics & Science Award.); Brock, Marena (US Marine Corps Athletic Excellence Award); LeFlem, Harrison (US Marine Corps Athletic Excellence Award); Buzzell, Alec (US Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award); Trowbridge, Caroline (US Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award); Galley, Kathryn (US Marine Corps Semper Fidelis Award for Music Excellence); Selmer, David (US Marine Corps Semper Fidelis Award for Music Excellence); Shows, Ryan (US Naval Academy Award); Trowbridge, Caroline (Valedictorian); Michalak, Sydney (Williams College Book Award)


Grisafi, Lillian (Athletics - Cougar Courage Award); Mackey, Lauren (Athletics - Female Athlete of the Year); Hughes, Thomas (Athletics - Male Athlete of the Year); Ammon, Jamie (Athletics - Sportsmanship Award)

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