Senators, support EPA proposal to reduce CO2 pollution

According to the Supreme Court, the EPA has the authority under the Clean Air Act, to propose standards to reduce carbon pollution from new power plants. Thankfully, the EPA is stepping up and doing just that. In the interest of continuing to protect the health and safety of our citizens, as they have with protections from lead, arsenic and mercury, the EPA is now setting standards that will protect us from the dangers of carbon pollution.

Now we need Congress to stand up and support that action. The air pollution blowing our way from all the power plants to our West has an especially detrimental effect on our health and health costs here in the Northeast. Power plants are also major contributors to the increased CO2 in the atmosphere which rose to 400 parts per million in 2013! According to NOAA, “It’s the highest in human history — a level not seen in 2 to 3 million years.”

We need to wake up, grasp the urgency of our climate crisis, and stop waiting for some technological miracle to solve it. We need action now to clean up the air we breathe and to prevent the most costly and destructive consequences of climate change which our children, grandchildren and their grandchildren will otherwise inherit.

Members of Congress held an all-night session on March 10, focused on the urgent need for their colleagues to end the bickering, denial, and paralysis that has stymied constructive action. They called on them to join forces and together face this challenge head on. Manifesting the president’s Climate Action Plan must immediately become a national priority. And our Senators Shaheen and Ayotte need to rise in strong support for the EPA’s authority to propose standards to curb carbon pollution from new power plants, and vote for, not against, clean air.

Bev Edwards lives in Temple.

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