Do we really know what we’re asking

To the editor:

Shut down Fox News! Come on, everyone; chant with me, Shut down Fox!! Amend the Constitution! Oh, I dislike Fox News as much as anyone, but this “shut speech down,” Hitler-like mentality is leading us rapidly along the primrose path to perestroika.

That mentality, with its slogans, prevailed at the first Move to Amend meeting, held in Peterborough six weeks ago. “Money is not speech!” “Corporations are not people!” Empty, misleading mantras, but why worry if we can belong to a cozy, large herd, and earnestly sign petitions ending free speech!

The people at the meeting, including the organizers, admitted not one of them had read the proposed Constitutional amendment they were zealously advocating. But, they claimed it to be unimportant to do so. Also unread was the rather inspiring Supreme Court opinion they so urgently wished to overturn. I had to provide copies of it, paid for with my speech-money.

Welcome to Animal Farm, and to the world of Move To Amend, which, unknown to its pliant followers, abolishes freedom rather than supporting it. David Cobb, at the center of this net to catch progressives, starts each of his talks with the tedious tale we hear on all other fronts, that the founders of our nation were wicked, greedy racists. Never mind that most were abolitionists. Never mind that these sterling men risked all property and their very necks, to leave us the liberty we enjoy.

Cobb, clothed in his ludicrously false rant about the U.S. “creation myth” is even called “scholarly,” presumably because only a child can see otherwise. Is it any surprise that Cobb’s Trojan-horse amendment reads, “Artificial entities…and other entities… shall have no rights”! Your dictionary defines entity as meaning “a person, business, trust or organization.” Answers.com says “artificial entity” and “legal entity” are identical, and hewittfs.com defines “legal entity” as: “Individuals or organizations that can enter into a contract.” So of all natural persons, only children and the brain-damaged would still have any rights, but even that is doubtful.

Our legal heritage has always accorded certain “personal” rights to organizations in order to protect their members and those they serve. Otherwise, overnight the government could shut down your civil rights group, health clinic, newsletter or even the foxy New York Times/Boston Globe corporation.

Jay Iselin


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Excellent letter, Mr. Iselin!

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