Bogus surveys do harm, not good

To the editor:

Today I received a 56-page piece of mail from the Keene Shopper that announced the Readers’ Choice Awards of the weekly paper.

Is it just me, or do others have a problem with bogus surveys like this?

It appears that the only winner was the Keene Shopper that was able to sell 162 ads in the publication. Virtually all of the ads were paid for by business entities that had scored highly in the “survey.”

But it’s not a survey, it’s an exercise in what company or organization can mobilize the most people to respond.

And the most disturbing part of these bogus “surveys” is the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of companies and small businesses who get excluded from this phony ranking merely because they don’t have the resources to mount a massive response.

Stunts such as this are nothing more than an attempt to sell more ads and they do nothing to bolster the local economy. In fact, they probably damage lots of up-and-coming organizations, and they come off as opportunistic and selfish moments for the sole benefit of the people who sponsor them.

Ted Leach


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